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Seattle native and Los Angeles dweller Jaymes Young breaks his two year silence with the new single “Stoned On You,” a track about being totally and utterly infatuated with someone, something that I think we all can understand. The alternative nu-R&B single opens with experimental synths and builds into a catchy chorus with the line, “your love is like codeine.”

The weekend is over, but have no fear, we think we might have the song you need to get you through the day. Campana & Manteloupe have dropped a new song called “Beyond the Clouds” that has us absolutely ready to conquer anything and will surely have you feeling the same way as well.

Featuring help from MistaDC and Paris Alexa, the track is a part of Campana & COSMOS: Moonshine album that will be out tomorrow. 

Check out the track below.

It’s rainy here in the city of Los Angeles, where me and a couple other writers reside. It’s made the city feel bleak and dark, but luckily we’ve got some great tunes coming our way that’s saving us from the pains of this week.

Geoffro is most famous for his work with Flume, which has already gotten him nominated for a Grammy, but he’s ready to start making a bigger name for himself within the public eye. The Cleveland-native is vulnerable to the audience in his new track “Quicksand,” and his incredibly intricate production and stunning lyrics make this easily one of the best thing we’ve heard this week.

On the track, he notes:

“This song has a couple themes inspired by a relationship, but also seems to reflect the weird times we’re going through in the world today. I got to work writing this song immediately after my first session with Flume”

Listen to the track below.


We were surprised to learn that Philadelphia based producer/dj and Deluxxx/Mad Decent affiliate Dirty South Joe actually never done a mix for us here at Discobelle even though he’s been featured numerous times. We decided that we needed to amend that ASAP thus here’s his offering to the Discobelle mix series, the last mix of 2016 and it goes hard with a rundown of alot of amazing rap tracks and this will you have your New Year’s Eve party turn lit in no time.

Tracklist after the jump.

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Coastal has been growing his name in the 2016 music climate, and with that, the talented artist is ready to close out the year with a bang and dive into the next year. The producer and artist has given us a playlist of his favorite tracks, which explore everyone from Daedelus, JATO, Zuma., and more!

Listen to the playlist below.

Tate Tucker has been gaining some serious clout in the LA underground, and today we’re excited to premiere “HCIBM,” which chronicles the profundity of falling in love. The resulting work is stunning and emotionally charged to the max. The track might be Tucker’s best, and if he is closing out the year with this, then he’s definitely got some serious work cut out to top it in 2017.

About “HCIBM”, he notes to us in an email- “After a year of putting this project together, it’s incredible to finally get this first song out. I’ve been going through a lot with my family this year, and this has been one of those tracks that’s kept our glasses half full. 2016 has been full of a lot of hate, I’m tryna break down the mystique of love and the need to always dilute it. This track is love, distilled to its purest form and served over intricate 808s and smooth chords. Enjoy the first chapter of the All In EP.”

Listen to the track below.

Through chance encounter, I was sent a stunning track by an up-and-coming artist called Brooke Forman. We recently sat down with her and she made us a playlist of some of her favorite tracks. There’s not too much information out about her, but all anyone really needs to know is that she’s ready to kick some ass, and this playlist is serious fire.

Listen to the playlist below!

It’s Tuesday, and the weather in LA just won’t quit. Calling it simply warm is an understatement, and it feels just like summer. With that in mind and ignoring for a few minutes at how potentially damaged our climate might be to be so warm in November, one of my favorite pastimes is driving late at night and jamming out to different music with friends, and my next trip will undoubtedly include this one cranked up high.

Shy Luv’s “Joyrider” is funky and irresistably funky and worth a listen.

Check it out below.