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New York-based newcomer Raina Sokolov-Gonzalez first hit our radars courtesy of Meeka Kate’s collab ‘No,’ but has since put focus on her solo credentials. Through ‘Unarmed,’ Gonzalez channels a fusion of intricate jazz and R&B influences, pairing the affair with a haunting official video that truly captures the edge and elegance of this standout debut.

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Under the category ‘made in Sweden’ comes something of a pedigree for upfront songwriting talent. SHY Martin has taken that one step further, following a billion streaming songwriting run with the formal launch of her solo project. As the follow-up to ‘Good Together,’ punch Summer pop offering ‘Bad In Common’ continues to show the young artist as a more than capable leading lady, setting anticipations to an all-time high for her next steps.

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Stick ‘shamanistic soul’ on your list of new sub-genres emerging from Sweden. The unlikely sound comes courtesy of Sweden’s Adam 888, who debuts this month with trippy ‘VibtrationZ’ and its wonderfully warped official video. The track is as infectious and experimentally charged as they come, paving the way for what looks to be an exciting and eccentric project from the Stockholm-newcomer.

Dutch-based electronic soul advocate Meeka Kates made a welcome return to Boogie Angst this month. Accompanied by the incredible vocal assets of New York native Raina Sokolov-Gonzalez, “No” captures the edge and atmosphere that we’ve come to expect from Kate’s gentle crooning and warm production prowess. He doesn’t release everyday, but when he does it remains a sweet sounding affair.

Majestic Casual cohort WAJU returns this month with another fine injection of fluid electronic pop. Picking up where ‘My Luv’ left off, the ELIONA accompanied “Good Company” brings Caribbean flare into play. Between the hip-shaking beats and solid vocal moments, this is a track sure to lighten the mood this Winter.

Could Artist Noir be one of the West Coasts most important emerging faces? The Kees-produced ‘Black Magic’ certainly suggests so, spotlighting a confident and powerfully poised take on the La native’s sound two months after the drop of ‘Late June.’ Every strike feels more and more powerful from Artist Noir – an artist well deserving of your ears come 2018.

Medasin is getting really fucking good at flipping tracks, both obscure and popular, into his own docile musical remit. Fans of his off-the-wall “Wild Thoughts” remix are to find a similar flare in recent take on Joji’s “Will He,” adding some air and ambiance whilst utilizing those vocal chops like it’s nobody’s business.

There are few finer UK bass contenders than that of Champion. What’s more, the London native has finally made with the “Snapshot” LP, a 12-track instalment of epic two-step and UK bass fundamentals. With the likes of Flava D, Jammz, Four Tet and Dream MC onboard, the LP gives one of the most comprehensive insights into bubbling UK talent and where the stalwart UK producer is making impressive power moves through connecting like minded firestarters.