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CUCO is according to the Urban dictionary, a mythical ghost monster but Omar Banos out of Los Angeles is far from a monster, he is instead a 19-year old Mexican-American artist who has been making serious waves with his bedroom produced dreamy pop/r’n’b/hip hop sound.

Newfound Dutch imprint The Long Echo have hit the ground running with a poignant pledge to fuel the world of electronic chill with top-shelf material. Based on the label’s debut single, an intricate little number from mysterious newcomer Cruel Clouds, this is not a brand to sleep on if you’re looking for an ambient aural escape.

Atlanta-based producer and multi-instrumentalist acaer is back with a new single titled, “hello.” Eclectic, unorthodox, but sonically pleasing, “hello” is the second single to be unveiled from the forthcoming Filet Mignon 5 compilation via Parisian powerhouse Record Record. He had this to say about his newest single: “This track came out of the recording session of a now-scrapped project and because of that is very spontaneous and a lot of individual pieces all mashed together. The human element added by repitched and manipulated vocals is something I’ve always been a fan of and wanted to really emphasize here. It’s a collage of different emotions and musical ideas that I wouldn’t have guessed fit together yet do.” 

Xan Griffin is fast becoming associated with an emotively tinted take of the future/pop world. Teaming up with Emilia Ali this month as part of his ongoing Zodiac project, ‘Cancer’ forms a delicate yet easy flowing injection of toned down future bass fundamentals with a firm melodic pulse. There’s an attention to detail found in the Californian newcomer’s work that is fast separating Xan from the heard, as beautifully summarized via this emotively evocative vocal offering.

Swim are our favorite new Malmö act, their chilled out and stunning single track “Next To Me” was just released by our friends in House Music With Love and now we get the remix versions.

Malmö based Totte Stankovich is perhaps more well known by his monikers Totte and DRTY HANDS, he’s been producing and releasing top charted house, future garage and future bass singles. He is also the mastering engineer on some of the best performing HMWLs/WLRs releases including all Swim material. This smooth, deep house take of the Swim single is an absolute corker.