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We have the pleasure of bringing you some real good vibes from the Drishti Beats Collective and premier their release ‘It’s All About the Music’. Their latest downtempo chill track has a positive outlook on music and its effects on life. MC EM Lowe showcases his songwriting with uplifting lyrics.

He had this to say about creating this single: “This song is about giving back through music and not concerning oneself with material but rather improving yourself through the truth and returning what was given to you.”

Incredible work by the Parisian pairing of Eylia and Majeur Mineur on their newest EP, The Missing Scent. Displaying stunning levels of emotional depth and a highly-synchronized artistic chemistry, The Missing Scent’s 7-tracks each offer a unique takes on genres ranging from R&B to indie-pop. The duo had this to say about their recent release:

‘This is a genre-breaking project representing more than a year of hard work and dedication driven by our thirst of musical experimentation and our motivation to move people’ – Eylia and Majeur Mineur.

With the 100th release of his self created imprint Strange Fruits, Steve Void debuted his new single “Closure” featuring vocals from Andy Marsh. The two came together writing a hit that is bubbly and infectious filled with strings, dreamy piano chords and angelic vocals the likes of Chris Martin. Alongside the single they released a cute lyric video filled with peculiar fruits.

The album art of this release from Mickey Kojak is perfectly fitting for his latest single “Bone.” The song has a unique smoothness, but disturbing grit to it that makes this release one of a kind. He successfully melds Techno darkness with upbeat vocal grooves.

One of the hottest imprints at the moment, Strange Fruits, seems to find a way to constantly discover new talent. The label’s latest release “Dance with Me” comes as a massive collaboration between artists HAZE, Breeze, and Bengston. This dance pop track is destined to be massive with huge sound design and original melodies.

Up and coming singer songwriter LILA DREW follows up one of my favorite releases “faded/2AM”, which she made with GoldLink, with her new cute single “november.” It’s so easy to get lost in her salacious voice, and lovable lyricism.