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When it comes to his genre diversity, Klahr says there is not a specific motive behind why he chooses to produces in one genre over another at any given time. His new single “Falling in Love” came simply from the headspace he was in at the time, and the rest of the track just fell into place from there. “Falling in Love” provides a nice glimpse into Klahr’s emotions, and proves how powerful one’s surroundings can be in the making of their art.

I came across the vocal sample in the Salsoul catalogue, the message was simple and resonated with me. This song is really personal to me and I hope people get something from it. – Klahr

The 21-year-old Dutch model and musician is following up his debut release ‘Bed Sheets,’ with his new single Meet Again. ‘Meet Again’ moves with meaningful flow; Ruben Pol’s brooding tones ripple over the surface of smooth chord transitions and a lightly sweeping electronic beat.

Swedish duo Anwai (consists of childhood friends Amadeus Rudolfsson and Mons Lorenzen) has released 4 songs in the same amount of years and up until now racked up over 1.5 million streams worldwide. They’re now readying the release of their debut EP named “DREAMS” (via Swedish label Something Beautiful), the first taste of the EP is the track “Changing” that we here at Discobelle are proud to present to the world.

“Changing” is a track highlighted by the duo’s distinct trip pop sound, a well balanced combination of a more commercial sound with their own electronica based soundscape.

“After some time apart last November, we were sitting in a flat in Stockholm with a guitar and a bottle of wine and decided to write a song. that song came to be the first stone set in the wall for our new EP and also an important marker for us to realize the time is right to put all our energy into this project.” – Anwai

Start your week off right with Foxglovesthe 5-track debut EP from emerging producer Fluencee. Each of the singles is a different expression of artistry and originality but my personal favorite has got to be “Find Someone Else.” The LA-based Fluencee explains that “This record is a long time coming,” explaining that it contains themes ranging from “bullying, loss of love, and a number of other motifs that have shaped who I am today.” Dive in below:

Berlin based producer Nick Talos just released a brand new single “Home to You.” An immediately catchy composite of dance and pop flavours with guitar and flute hooks, the track is the result of a session with two-time Grammy nominated songwriter Lucas Secon – who counts The Pussycat Dolls, Britney Spears and Kyle Minogue as collaborators.