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Brand new French disco-pop duo HATT announces their debut release with the arrival of the single track “Lay Down” which will be released via Kitsuné Musique tomorrow Wednesday October 23rd.

The enticing track with its booming beat draws from a myriad of influences including garage, funk, house and pop, and the tracks feels like it’s been tailor made for club play.

“The track reminds us of a morning melancholy, like a night’s rest that sticks to the skin. In this blend of synth, guitar, beat and pop, we can find some of DFA as well as some funk and west coast influences. Our production looks to create a bridge between old school and modern sounds. We wanted to design a club-oriented track, mixing 90’s garage house synths, pop choruses, up-tempo guitars and a powerful and catchy bassline”

Los Angeles based producer Boh Doran takes on influences ranging from 90’s indie, soul and r’n’b blending those with instant dancey pop hooks and stunning vocals. She has been hailed as an artist to watch by media outlets such as Glamour, Vogue Italia, The Huffington Post etc. and her debut solo single “White Knuckles” was the 7th most viral song on Spotify’s global charts. New single “Warrior” is an empowering song with anthemlike qualities where the softer vocals are interspersed with the booming track.

“This song is about facing opposition in daily life with strength. i’m currently 38 weeks pregnant and am still releasing music despite the archaic cultural message that soon to be mothers should be hidden. where are they, we don’t see them especially in music for a reason.”

Synth laced dance-pop masterpiece from Australian artist Saint Barae, “Power+Control” is filled to the brink with shimmering synth work and a pulsating bassline.

“I made this song at a crossroads in my life where I had to choose between continuing to hide my sexuality from my family or take control of my own choices and choose what was best for my personal happiness. As someone from a very conservative and religious background, ‘Power’ uses a lot of religious symbolism as metaphors for the experience of being a young queer person struggling with their faith. The lyrics explore how important intimacy is to all of us, whether that be a spiritual kind or a physical experience with another person. I think that the message of the song overall is that faith and sexuality don’t have to be mutually exclusive things. It’s about saying, “fuck it” to the ultimatum and carving out your own path as you see fit.”

Premiere Monday here on Discobelle today, we’ve got a magnificent new track from German production duo Paskal & Urban Absolutes.

They dropped an impressive debut album back in 2013 on acclaimed label Sonar Kollektiv and now they strike again with new single “Ooh” (which is the first taste from their upcoming new album “Between Us”). The track is an expertly made fusion of electronic club music and pop sensitivity, where a strutting disco beat and a funky guitar meets lingering synth pads and an intense vocal performance from US artist Charlie Sputnik.

ili is the alter ego of former 2016 X-Factor finalist Glasgow based artist Emily Middlemas, who has now relaunched herself and comes out with a bang in the form of new single “Changes” which is a piece of dance-pop perfection that will kickstart your weekend.