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Australian electronic duo Night Tales are just about to release their new EP “HAUNT”, which explores the stages of forlorn romanticism.

The opening track “Ghost” features an upbeat house sound, but the theme of the track is more serious and involves dealing with a toxic relationship.

French producer SebastiAn is an integral member of the Ed Banger family, his new album “Thirst” (featuring notable guests such as Sevdaliza and Mayer Hawthorne) is the first album since his debut “Total” back in 2011. Since then he’s done production work for the likes of Frank Ocean, Kavinsky, Charlotte Gainsbourg etc. The stunning video for his pulsating bass and synth-driven track “Sober” (that also features up and coming London artist Bakar) gives us the first glimpse of his new album.

Alter Boy is a newly formed queer-electro-pop outfit from Perth, they round out 2019 with the dark and raw sounding new track “Old Love” which was released this past Monday, October 28th.

“Old Love” is an emotional and harmonies-filled track filled with melancholy that draws you in deep and the subject matter centers on “lost love, the connection that still exists and the heart-breaking feeling of a past lover moving on with someone new”.

Swedish producer/vocalist Lidnesty makes electronica-infused trap, one of his latest tracks “Pretender” manages to capture a feeling of melancholy over a rolling slo-mo beat that incorporates a desolate piano.