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Prolific NYC producer AceMo just launched new label Sonic Messengers, to kick things off he released a collaborative EP last week with Les Sins (perhaps better known as Toro Y Moi) entitled “C’Mon Les’Go”.

“Les Sins and AceMo band together for a release of truly eclectic sound.. do something… feel it in the groove.. cmon lets go is absolutely ordered chaos. At first, nervous laughs from meeting for the first time in the bay ,to Jams and experimentations , then sown together remotely, with mutual thought and a feeling to create something together.”

Brooklyn based electronica artist Rookley releases his new single “Obsidian” today via Berlin label AIMEND, the slow-moving, brooding and eerie sounding track is a nod to fellow artists such as Burial and Machinedrum. The single deals with Rookleys experiences during the recent COVID-19 quarantine focusing on the theme of isolation and loneliness.

“Get used to talking with your ghosts and your memories and the pain will slide away leaving you in peace. At least that’s what happens to me. Isolation is powerful: you just need to choose which way you wanna go.”

Sadboy Season is a Sydney-based R&B duo (comprised of singer Gabriel DeBurgh and producer Jordan Coles), they draw inspiration from a variety of genres, artists and eras – ranging from modern classics such as The Weeknd & BANKS, to the sonic utopia of 80’s Synth-pop and the emotive beauty of 90’s & early 2000’s R&B.

Their debut single “Always On My Mind” is dark sounding R&B with mood felt and shimmering synths that accompany a pulsating and driven breakbeat rhythm, along with powerful vocals that magnify a tale of loss, pain, and yearning.

Swedish but based in Berlin duo The Ghost Of Helags has been featured extensively here on Discobelle, their new synth laced single track “Chemistry” was released a couple of weeks ago. The track was written as the band found themselves traversing across Europe after-hours in the ghostly grip of midwinter. Winding their way through darkened streets and desolate suburbs, the eerie world beyond the windowpane and its mysterious spectres began to drift into a new song; words and music falling into place like breath condensing on cool glass.

The project known as Apollo Complex was formed in Melbourne, Australia while living in and traveling through South East Asia where Apollo Complex was exposed to a wide variety of music from various genres. The resulting soundscape can best be described as atmospheric, pulsating, and ethereal which are all evident in the hypnotic 7-minute long track “Skydreamer” that we here at Discobelle can offer as a premiere today.

“Let yourself feel exactly what you want to feel, let yourself be exactly who you are meant to be. Let yourself dream away to a plane where limitations doesn’t exist.”