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Astrid Elisabeth is the epitome of the complete package. She is an artist, song writer, and incredible tattooer. Hailing from San Francisco, but now residing in Brooklyn, Astrid is continuously creating. Her latest creation ‘SOFT’ is a vintage, highly mature sounding 8 song EP. Her incredible voice compliments the soothing and catchy instrumentals, filled with strings and lush keys. Check out her EP below, and be sure to visit her artist pages.


Berlin based producer/composer/multi-instrumentalist Calcou comes from a background in jazz and funk but has turned to electronic music, he’s been playing the piano since his early childhood and still explores his sonic roots within his contemporary jazz outfit White Noise Trio. His sound can best be described as jazz meets electronica and deep house.

Now he’s remixed a track from fellow Berliners in r’n’b duo GOLDA who are responsible for creating dark, sweaty, drug-infested tracks. The Calcou remix of the track “Nobody” is taken off the “The GOLDA Complex Remix” EP (released yesterday via Majestic Casual) and we’re offering it up as a premiere here on Discobelle instead churns out a mellow house music feel.

Resa is the alter ego of Norwegian Theresa Frostad Eggesbø (who is perhaps best known for her role as “Sonja” in the international hit TV-show SKAM). She is continuing her acting career but Theresa is also ready to shift her focus on music – her one true passion.

Her new single “Borrowed Time” (released late last month via Toothfairy Music) was made in collaboration with fellow Norwegian producer Coucheron and combines jazzed up pop music with vintage and upbeat sounding disco/funk.

LE SON – Yours

Sep 20 2019

LE SON is the moniker for London based duo Emily Ady and Liam Fergus, together they focus on sparse and delicate sounding electronica that also infuses elements of jazz and neo-soul. New single “Yours” (released via record label/collective Squareglass) showcases their beautiful sound with a focus on Emily´s vocals that spreads across the piano-laced track bringing echoes of trip-hop heroes Portishead.

Visuals for previous single “Madness”:

An album that we’ve listened to a lot this summer is “Dreams from The Shore” (released via Radio Juicy) from two amazing producers, UK-based Psalm Trees and Malmö based Moose Dawa and the album is a smooth, intricate and sample-based affair of chilled-out and warm sounding jazzy awesomeness.

“Dreams From The Shore is the result of what can be achieved together from different parts of the world, transversing the barriers of language and societies norms into sound, reminding us that no matter where we are, like the sea we are always in some sense connected”

Saine & Smith (AKA Jaja Saine and Leo Smith) are a Stockholm based duo that explores the outer reaches of leftfield dance music.

Their second release on US label 2MR is entitled the “Dirty Games EP” and it’s six tracks of soul-tinged, broad spectrum, and grooved out house music that explores jazzy chords, infectious basslines and swung percussion with a subtle hint of dub, making it the perfect companion for putting a strut in your walk or making you slowly shake that booty on the dancefloor.