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MFMF., a musical collective consisting of Malaysian artists KUIZZ, and Spuds, makes their Discobelle debut w/ “Flashes”, their new single self-described as one of those songs that when we started producing it, we knew right away it had to be the first release.” Their debut single ‘FLASHES’ sees the talented trio team up with Bil Musa, an emerging Malay songwriter who is quickly rising the ranks and generating massive buzz. “Flashes” is their first collaborative single released after teaming up to set up a songwriting and music production group.

Navina – Circles

Feb 22 2019

Following the success of her feel-good clappy single “27 Hearts”, indie singer-songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist Navina brings you a more mellow, deep-cut written on the guitar to serenade you in those more reflective chilled moments. She says “I produced this song (as always) myself in my bedroom, it was at a time of having graduated last year from uni and having a feeling of starting all over again from scratch. Circles is about how sometimes starting back where you finished isn’t always a bad thing, going to back to square one enables us to build a foundation and rediscover our roots and what started it all. It’s also about how life is oddly circular at times, and how whilst we are on this journey, it’s important to choose the things we can which will in the long term give us most peace. I wanted to convey a sense of reflective journeying in the production, reflecting most of the times when I think, write and dream which is often on a bus/train. Starting again isn’t a bad, it enables us to rediscover what started it all in the beginning.”

Check it out below:

Hailing from Brooklyn, songwriter and producer, Yuneer looks to make his presence known in the modern hip hop world. His brand new single ‘BLURRY’ is the perfect blend between the rising emo sound and fresh lyricism and flow. Expect big things coming from this talented artist.

Rolling Stones were influenced by Chicago & blues, in another time the millenials Oskar Engström and Filip Spetze (Holograms) look back on what has become known as the most influential Swedish scene of the the 00:s – Gothenburg and antirock. With powerful influences from the genre such as the Embassy, Tough Alliance and Air France, these millenials chisel out a balearic retrospective over the Nordic dream of warmer latitudes with their upcoming February 22nd release on Swedish label Hybris.

Australian artist Saint Lane drops his debut track “Zip Code” which tackles a global problem of senseless street violence.

“”Zip Code” is about senseless violence. People hate people simply because they’re from a particular area. People rep area codes and spread violence to others from different zip codes. This is happening in Auckland all the time. Somebody dies because of a route by the postal system, forgetting that we are all from the same city. It’s further than Auckland too. When I was 18 and living on the Gold Coast I saw a kid stab another kid on a bus because he was from Tweed Heads. We were in Palm Beach. Tweed is 10 minutes away. So if these two boys lived 10 minutes closer to each other they’d be homies? It’s so dumb. The song isn’t intended to glorify violence or crime and I’m definitely not saying Auckland has more violence than anywhere else in the world. I’m just sharing my own perspective on a situation I know many people are in.”

Austin-based producer and event curator Swayló just unveiled his debut single, “Desert Flower.” Combining deep house with moments of trap on the nose, this tribal-inspired track is a stunning inaugural release. Catering to the dreamers and the mystics, Swaylo champions spirituality via dance music. Entirely immersive, “Desert Flower” is a tapestry of moving pieces that collide effortlessly in free flowing yet meticulously calculated fashion. Released in parallel to the new moon, Swayló is purveyor of a movement, not just a sound. Stay tuned for more from the Texas visionary.

“This is medicinal music that, is designed to be purifying, healing, regenerating; focused on growth, abundance and allowing of space to be soft, it was created to wash the toxins out.” ­ – Swaylo?