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With a subtle fusion of R&B, country and contemporary songmanship, Reggie Williams is the crooner bringing artistry back to the modern pop game. For ‘With My Words,’ R.LUM.R proves that an old soul can still play in the electronic pop world without copping out, leaving us wondering if there’s any sub-genre or twist that the Nashville talent can’t get away with applying himself to.

Los Angeles-based neo-soul artist Nova Moura draws inspiration from the likes of Frank Ocean and his surreal, dark and dreamlike r&b/neo-soul sound explores themes of vulnerability, isolation and loneliness. His music has already seen praise from outlets such as Noisey and Earmilk.

We here at Discobelle can premiere new single track “Alone Together” which is immediately striking with hypnotizing vocals and should be the soundtrack to your next night at home longing for a loved one.

Medasin is getting really fucking good at flipping tracks, both obscure and popular, into his own docile musical remit. Fans of his off-the-wall “Wild Thoughts” remix are to find a similar flare in recent take on Joji’s “Will He,” adding some air and ambiance whilst utilizing those vocal chops like it’s nobody’s business.

Today we’re excited to premiere YNGCULT’s “You Know,” the latest release from the LA indie band. Dreamy, atmospheric synths transcend the ‘indie’ reputation the boys have crafted for themselves, and the sensual track is the perfect release as we head into the week. It’s not quite the party-starter, but for those looking for a mental vacation out of the office, this one is a must hear.

YNGCULT are still a group in their early stages, but with tracks like this, it’s not going to be too long until we hear more. Check out the track below. Their LP, Retro/Fortune, will be out this summer.

Brooklyn’s Richie Quake has released “Clarice,” apparently a Silence of the Lamb inspired piece titled “Clarice” (after the main character’s name). Slow, carefully constructed, precisely organized, and executed brilliantly, Quake manages to capture the essence of the film from the core, building a stunning final product thats going to be in my musical rotation for a while.

Check out the track below!

[soundcloud url=”https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/258685749″ params=”auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false&visual=true” width=”100%” height=”450″ iframe=”true” /]

Model and singer Charlotte Cardin is back with another addicting single, this time working with Husser in “Like It Doesn’t Hurt.”

With Cardin’s vocals still doing a lot of the heavy lifting, although the instrumental here is much more dramatic than in her previous work, and what comes together at the end is a stunning mix of her old-school singing style with new school electronic rhythm. Topped with Husser’s rhymes, and this is one that transcends genre boundaries. Cardin is, albeit slowly, building an incredibly dynamic resume in her singing career, and we can’t wait to hear more.

Listen below.

We have a European premiere lined up for you today.

Castro and Ratcatcher AKA Rhythm District hail from the murky depths of the South Wales valleys, where they discovered a surprisingly soulful, warm and glowing sound. The two grew up on the same street in a small village and came together through a mutual love of skateboarding.

Rhythm District take on classic Motown era song writing but adding a modern twist, their amazing debut album “Your Loss” was released yesterday via Artist Intelligence Agency and is filled to the brink with uplifting melodies, an undeniable groove and features soothing guest vocals from an array of talented vocalists.