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We’re pumped to be premiering pop singer-songwriter Bryan Stave‘s debut single, “Chasing Platinum.” Set for release tomorrow, “Chasing Platinum” is the first single and title track from the Nashville-based musician’s forthcoming EP, rumored to be dropping in Spring 2018. Mixed and mastered by Grammy-nominated producer Christian Davis, Stave’s first single is a bright pop tune that showcases both his natural gift in singing and a deft touch with songwriting. “Chasing Platinum” came about through an intricate process that involved his development and maturation as both an artist and fan of multiple genres. He says “though I fall under the pop “umbrella”, I’ve got songs (especially when still in acoustic form) that would fall into all different genres so when I get up and do reggae-rap or surf tune it’s usually a significant change of pace which is always fun.” Although he is just embarking on his new artistic venture, the future is looking bright.

Oslo duo Loveless drops another bomb of a track, “Straight 2 The Club” combines their ear for Scandinavian pop sensibilities with smooth r’n’b and soulful vocals.

“We and our UK friends, J. Warner and Taet, wrote ‘Straight 2 The Club’ on a winter’s night in our studio in Oslo, Norway. We were actually on our way to the club when inspiration struck and we simply had to record it. It’s a classical love duet with a 2018 kind of vibe, a modern day Alicia Keys and Usher if you like.”

The visuals for the breathtaking, soulful electronic ballad “Ocean’s Floor” from California artist Elisa Rose. The track is taken off her upcoming album, “Breath & Bones” which is due to be released later this year.

“I wrote “Ocean’s floor” when I was 17 years old and falling deeply in love for the first time. It spoke to my experience of wanting to share all of myself with my beloved; to journey into the depths of intimacy with him. The lyric, “…the more that you love, the more that you must let go…” came to me when I contemplated the reality that our relationship would ceaselessly change and ultimately dissolve back into the great mystery. With the sincerity of my love for him came an understanding to continually let go of my expectations of him in order to see who he truly was.”

Stockholm’s Death Team are known for pushing the comfort zones of Swedish pop music. “Weekend” is a fine example, bringing the duo’s punk-esque electropop into focus with an easier riding take on their signature sound. There’s a level of consistency we’ve come to love from Death Team, but the act remains unpredictable and ultimately sacred on the Nordic front right now.

Swedish hitmakers Vargas & Lagola dusted off a brand new solo moniker for 2017, bringing with them an array of polished experimental pop cuts along the way. On remix duties for NONONO, the Swedish duo brings supple reggae vibes, giving an island twist to the infectious original from the dream team behind 2013 hit “Pumpin’ Blood.” Remixes can be a dull old affair, but Vargas & Lagola bring enough color and character to make this an essential extension of the original single.

Cut from the West Coast crop, DENM dons a significant blend of garage pop for his latest single. ‘Bless Your Heart’ fuses island vibes and polished electronic pop mechanics, cleaning up in his post-Gnash collaboration activity with a standout single.