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Singer/songwriter Dylan Bernard recently dropped his brand new single “Higher”, the track was Written by Dylan together with Mark Otero and it’s a soothing jam of r’n’b/pop awesomeness.

“When I started to write ‘Higher’, I knew that I wanted to write about something different. I was at a point where it felt like I was writing about love and relationships over and over again, and I wanted to write something a little more personal. I wanted to write a song that personified how I felt about music. Mark started playing melodies on the electric guitar and shared the opening lyrics to the song. After that, everything happened naturally and the song basically wrote itself.”

Atusji is the solo-project of Danish artist Terkel Atsushi Røjle, he takes his cues from emo, hip hop, r’n’b and music from the alternative hit lists of the early ’00s. His new single “I Don’t Think I Like You” is a mellow, head-bopping affair.

“I Don’t Think I Like You” is about cognitive dissonance; about how deeply you can fool yourself into believing that the people that love you think ill of you – the feedback loop of not seeing genuine value in yourself and seeing this reflected in the minutiae of other people’s words and body language. It’s about serious self-doubt and a lack of faith in yourself, and in this sense it’s in keeping with Atusji’s therapeutic music; an exploration that is part diary, part group therapy.”

Lundberg is from the small Swedish town of Varberg, at the age of 6 he started playing the cello and later set out to be a composer which led him to focus on piano. His new single track “Happening Anyway” will be released tomorrow but we here at Discobelle can premiere the single today, it’s a grandiose piece of melancholic sounding pop music with a lurking dark, electronica background that makes sure to emphasize Sebastians haunting vocals.

“”Happening Anyway” is about the balance between kindness and self-preservation. I think it’s hard to draw that line. You see people around you making sacrifice after sacrifice without any return. And then you see relentless, self-minded people getting praise for their mere existence. It’s bizarre. Both on a personal level and on a grander scale and it always seems to play out the same way.”

Brand new French disco-pop duo HATT announces their debut release with the arrival of the single track “Lay Down” which will be released via Kitsuné Musique tomorrow Wednesday October 23rd.

The enticing track with its booming beat draws from a myriad of influences including garage, funk, house and pop, and the tracks feels like it’s been tailor made for club play.

“The track reminds us of a morning melancholy, like a night’s rest that sticks to the skin. In this blend of synth, guitar, beat and pop, we can find some of DFA as well as some funk and west coast influences. Our production looks to create a bridge between old school and modern sounds. We wanted to design a club-oriented track, mixing 90’s garage house synths, pop choruses, up-tempo guitars and a powerful and catchy bassline”

Detalji is the solo project of Krista Myllyviita, a Helsinki based artist and producer whose sound can best be described as left-field electronic pop. Earlier this year she was shortlisted for Breakthrough Artist of the Year on Finnish national radio, as well as winning a Femma Award (Finnish “indie Grammy”) for Best Electronic Act.

Her introspective new single “Forever” was released yesterday via Deep Limit and is essentially a love song written when Myllyviita’s partner was on a work trip. Left to her own devices, Krista’s imagination ran wild, imagining a scenario in which her partner would leave her for someone else.

“I wrote this song when I was missing my girlfriend when she was on a work trip. It’s about how loving someone is cruel and wonderful at the same time.”