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Anna Makeeva is a Moscow based singer/songwriter and a producer, her previous releases have been featured in several prestigious Russian music publications such as Rodnoj Zvuk, Motherland, SILKMILK and Wonderzine etc. She’s also performed at Moscow Music Week, Sofar Sounds, Red Bull Music Festival, and participated in the feminist music camp Parallel Residency.

Anna is just about to release her new EP “Missing Piece” tomorrow February 20th, the EP marks her third collaboration with Moscow house producer Baltimore Chop and it’s centered around a theme of celebrating mutual love and joy. The sound on the EP is one of grooved-out beats with influences from UK garage, smooth electronica and sultry sounding r’n’b, while at the forefront we get light, soulful vocals that hypnotically draws you into an ethereal mood.

We here at Discobelle are super excited to be able to premiere the ultra-smooth electronica based title track “Missing Piece”!

Liverpool trio Matrefakt have been making waves these past months due to an amazing collab with San Proper and huge tunes released via Skreams label Of Unsound Mind etc.

They’re kickstarting 2020 with the release of their new single “Spider’s Web” which will drop tomorrow January 17th via ATL Records. We here at Discobelle let you hear the B-side closing track “Do For Now” (a collaboration with Culture Jam) as an exclusive premiere, the track itself is a groove-filled track with a pumping drum-based beat and vocal stabs.

FSQ is a New York outfit headed up by Discobelle family member Chuck Fishman together with Grammy-nominated GKoop, Morgan Wiley, Chas Bronz, and One Era. FSQ have a slew of amazing releases under their belt and they’ve shared the stage with funk legends such as George Clinton, Parliament-Funkadelic!

We here at Discobelle are extremely proud to be able to offer up the exclusive premiere of FSQ’s epic 10 minutes long rework of the Ozgood and Sa’d The Hourchild Ali single track “No Couture” (drops tomorrow January 17th via Soul Clap Records and which also features close friend/collaborator, the supertalented Jamaica-based producer/artist David Marston).

The rework pits a tight, strutting disco rhythm against ethereal sounding guitar chords that intertwine with Sa’d Ali’s booming house music vocal sermons and a stomping bassline. The track is the perfect companion on a cold, dark January weekend and will immediately lift your spirits.

Following the release of his debut album “The Discovery” last year, mysterious Portuguese producer Oma Nata returns to the Discotexas label with his new single release “Everything” (dropping tomorrow January 10th).

We here at Discobelle have laid our hands on the exclusive premiere of the closing track “Meditation” which opens up to a lush and ambient soundscape which is driven by the use of multiple instrumentations ranging from woodwind to sitars.

Rising New Zealand hip hop/R&B artist Vallé has already received a lot of praise and is slated to release his highly anticipated debut album “Care For Me” in 2020. His latest single track “Star” was just released and we here at Discobelle are able to share the premiere of the b-side track “Uh Oh”.

“Uh Oh” is a slow burner of a track with a handclap induced beat that struts and jitters along, backed against a strumming guitar and smooth vocals.

“Uh oh I think if I’m to be honest was birthed out of a fragile point in my relationship with my lady, where I had put myself in a situation where my integrity was compromised. The song kind of just spilled out without too much thought and was also the first recorded song from my upcoming ‘Care For me’ mixtape.

I end the verse with a verse that is like the dude in the narrative giving up trying to convince the other half that he loves her, he leaves and mentally is having an internal dialogue thinking ‘fuck it, if you aren’t going to believe me then what’s the point anyway’, he then goes and sneaks into someone else’s room (not that it happened but I wanted to dramatize the experience).

What happens with people if you treat them out of a belief that they are untrustworthy, they usually do untrustworthy things, because the way you put boundaries can be un-empowering, whereas giving trust, on the other hand, can be very empowering… Obviously this has its exclusions and limitations due to each situation context”

As an ode to small rural towns in northern Sweden, Swedish outfit Småstaden (Klas Granström and Anders Nilsson) focuses on stories and working with artists from said small towns. A perspective – especially within hip hop and r’n’b – that’s been sadly overlooked in terms of coverage in Swedish mainstream media.

The first single “Varje Liten del” (will be released tomorrow December 13th on Grind Records) features Jokkmokk rapper Kitok and Luleå musician Petter Granberg (who has worked with Amason, Movits! and has also worked as a producer for El Perro Del Mar), the track itself is an enticing and suggestive sounding vocoder and synth laced slow-mo r’n’b jam.

Brooklyn based, Australian born Oli Chang (1/2 of the celebrated dream-pop group High Highs) continues with his Animal Feelings project which is focused on a more dance/house sound.

On excellent new single “Now or Never” (slated for a release today December 12th date US label Bonfire Records) premiered right here on Discobelle, he provides us with silky smooth vocals layered over a steadfast beat and pulsating synthwork.

Berlin producer Ninetoes had immense success with the release of his “Volar La Pluma” single earlier this year, now he returns with a double remix package of the single track courtesy of Swiss producer Andrea Oliva and French tag team Amine Edge & DANCE. We here at Discobelle are excited to exclusively share the premiere of the Amine Edge & DANCE remix with our readers.

The remix package will be released via his own imprint Head To Toe on Friday December 13th, and Amine Edge & DANCE gives the tribalistic sounding track a grooved out and techy feel when they chop up the vocal sample and tacks on an absolutely addictive bassline.