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Los Angeles based producer Boh Doran takes on influences ranging from 90’s indie, soul and r’n’b blending those with instant dancey pop hooks and stunning vocals. She has been hailed as an artist to watch by media outlets such as Glamour, Vogue Italia, The Huffington Post etc. and her debut solo single “White Knuckles” was the 7th most viral song on Spotify’s global charts. New single “Warrior” is an empowering song with anthemlike qualities where the softer vocals are interspersed with the booming track.

“This song is about facing opposition in daily life with strength. i’m currently 38 weeks pregnant and am still releasing music despite the archaic cultural message that soon to be mothers should be hidden. where are they, we don’t see them especially in music for a reason.”

Dubai based sobhhï recently released his latest offering, “imagine that”, an intimately honest love-song and another shining example of his trapsoul nocturnal sound and on the single sobhhï explores themes of love and distance, two predominant themes of his music.

On “imagine that” sobhhï grapples with the challenges of a long-distance lust, posing a series of hypotheticals around the “imagine that” refrain. sobhhï’s airy vocals float over the atmospheric production, walking the line of R&B and bedroom soul, ripe with sub-bass and percussive snaps.

“Traveling frequently makes it difficult to have the same kind of relationships with people that you would if you were neighbors. This is bedroom soul about my favorite topic, distance. And it reads like a letter; it’s part of a larger dialogue.”

From the Caribbean island of Curacao comes dj/producer Tera Kòrá, who is now based in Amsterdam. His amazing sounding and summer ready new single “Walls” features the smoothness of Surinam vocalist Thierry Ganz and co-production from Dutch producer Youp just dropped last week via Majestic Casual.

Tera Kòrá explores a genre-defying combination of his tropical roots and trap influences, and his unique blend of R&B and soul coined as “Soulswing”, which is characterized by soulful melodies, tropical percussion and striking 808 basslines.

NYC based artist Lee Wilson makes his debut today on Junior Sanchez led label Brobot Records with his latest single “Call My Line”.

“Call My Line” is a collaboration with longtime friend Kelvin Sylvester and the duo created one of the years most infectious dance tracks that sounds like a soulful, housey masterpiece with a superbly warm feel.

Saine & Smith (AKA Jaja Saine and Leo Smith) are a Stockholm based duo that explores the outer reaches of leftfield dance music.

Their second release on US label 2MR is entitled the “Dirty Games EP” and it’s six tracks of soul-tinged, broad spectrum, and grooved out house music that explores jazzy chords, infectious basslines and swung percussion with a subtle hint of dub, making it the perfect companion for putting a strut in your walk or making you slowly shake that booty on the dancefloor.