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Swedish artist Adam 888 teamed up with Oslo based producer Clairmont for the electronica laced trap ballad “Back Inzide”.

“Back Inzide” is the first single to be released from Adam 888 during May.

“Back Inzide” is a song about life’s mystery and beauty. To be able to experience the beauty we need to go back inside. A lot of times I tend to get stuck in my thoughts so I made this song to remind myself the importance of going back inside my body, connecting to my soul. The track is produced by Oslo based Clairmont, I was playing a few chords on the guitar and Clair felt the vibe and made this fire beat. We made the track in one session, an effortless creation, we were definitely back inside”

Back with another genre-defying single, Austin-based producer Swayló unveils “Ocean Flame.” Despite his many endeavors (event curator, wellness pioneer, etc), Swayló’s journey as a musician is the one that’s coming to fruition now, as his latest single will leave listeners at equilibrium thanks to its delicate balance of ancient rhythms and underground dance music.

There is something magical about two producers coming together to create a single track that is a journey through genres. That being said, NXSTY and Loca have joined powerful forces to create an absolute massive tune. Their single “Cross Faded” out on the Music High Court imprint is a mix between classic trap, moombah, and future bass touching on every part of the emotional spectrum.

Maryland native BBY GOYARD delivers a playful slapper, “THE LOUVRE,” to which he declares his whole body of work should be added to. The rapper has been known to use pop culture references in his work and take an experimental approach to his delivery.

Austin-based producer and event curator Swayló just unveiled his debut single, “Desert Flower.” Combining deep house with moments of trap on the nose, this tribal-inspired track is a stunning inaugural release. Catering to the dreamers and the mystics, Swaylo champions spirituality via dance music. Entirely immersive, “Desert Flower” is a tapestry of moving pieces that collide effortlessly in free flowing yet meticulously calculated fashion. Released in parallel to the new moon, Swayló is purveyor of a movement, not just a sound. Stay tuned for more from the Texas visionary.

“This is medicinal music that, is designed to be purifying, healing, regenerating; focused on growth, abundance and allowing of space to be soft, it was created to wash the toxins out.” ­ – Swaylo?

Mumbai, India based producer 32Stitches is back with his most energetic release to date. Known primarily for his uplifting future bass tunes, 32Stitches has elected to give Illenium’s “Take You Down” a bass-heavy facelift, showcasing his ability to produce with a more forceful energy than fans are used to hearing from him. Here’s what he had to say about the thought process behind his latest remix: “The edit came to me very naturally as Illenium has been an inspiration to me since the day I first heard him, and I read the story Illenium shared behind this track and I could connect to it so much emotionally. The track’s drop has a different sound direction than the original so it could easily fit bass dominating sets, keeping the original emotion intact” – 32Stitches