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The dynamic pairing of KRANE and Alexander Lewis comes together to remix Sinjin Hawke‘s incredible track, “Onset.” This track bangs – it’s meant to be listened to loud and clear on the biggest/most powerful speakers you can find.

Few were more deserving of a spot on XXL’s coveted Freshman of 2017 list than Texas native Ugly God, the man behind infectious urban stomper ‘Water.’ In the hands of Falcons and Promnite, two respective powerhouses in the art of blending electronic dance and urban flavors, the track takes a new prime. The energy and attitude of all parties sit incredibly well, forming one of the finest club offerings you’re going to hear from such an accomplished collection of North American prospects this Summer.

Latin trap is most definitely a thing, and you’re going to wish you were in on it sooner. Austin Lebrón is a fine frontrunner for the sub-genre’s peak game right now, test running material for the forthcoming “La Finia De Hoy” compilation with the aptly titled ’73.’ There’s a strange fusion of the genre’s turn up energy and slick sample work here that makes what could be a cop-out attempt at blending genres sound ever so sweet.

2016 was a pretty shitty year all around but alot of seriously amazing music was released during the course of these 12 months, here’s our 66 favorite tracks of 2016 all neatly packaged into a Spotify playlist.