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Christmas Eve and we are about to open our presents here. But before that we are taking a break from all the eating and spending time with our relatives to present the number one song of the year. We know that you all have guessed it by now. There is only one Baws of the year! So all the way from Miami! Take it away Rick Ross!

Rick Ross – Hustlin’ YSI

Rick Ross – Hustlin’ zShare

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The most anticipated hiphop album this year. Perhaps the most longed for album – all categories. Clipse, Hell Hath No Fury. Finally. A Discobelle Christmas Calendar wouldn’t be right without them in the top three.

The album is such a killer, we could have posted any of the tracks. In the end we chose Wamp Wamp as that was the first single, and the first real preview of what the album was going to be like. Apart from the mixtapes of course, they kept us going for a few months as well.

Anyone interested in hiphop needs this album.

Clipse – Wamp Wamp (What it do) Feat Slim Thug (YSI)

Clipse – Wamp Wamp (What it do) Feat Slim Thug (zShare)

Christmas is upon us but we still have the top three tracks of the Discobelle christmas calender to post.

2006 was the year when dance music returned with a bang and the year when the term “nu-rave/neu rave” (sic) lived for a brief time. Although the term may suck, the music certainly doesn’t. This remix by Van She of the Klaxons track “Gravity’s rainbow” can only be described as massive. Just listen to those keyboards along with the bassline and handclaps, then when the guitars and the distorted voice singing “come with me, come with me” kicks in around the 1:30 mark watch it all go ballistic. This was one of the top electro bangers of 2006 and that’s why it’s included on the Discobelle christmas calender.

Klaxons – Gravity’s rainbow (Van She Tech SP remix) (YSI)

Klaxons – Gravity’s rainbow (Van She Tech SP remix) (zShare)

If this was an intended viral, it worked damn good. But it probably wasn’t. And instead this guy that happened to be standing around when they need to lay the (in)famous “Atlantic Records, for T.I. Clearance” line got to become an mp3 icon. Congratulations.

My Love is one of few tracks that was interesting before, meanwhile, and after its release. Here are three versions that summarize 2006´s Justin-mania in a good way.

Justin Timberlake – My Love (feat T.I.) (YSI)
Justin Timberlake – My Love (feat T.I.) (zShare)

Cousin Cole – Atlantic Records, T.I. Clearance (YSI)
Cousin Cole – Atlantic Records, T.I. Clearance (zShare)

Marit Bergman – My Love (Justin Timberlake Cover) (YSI)
Marit Bergman – My Love (Justin Timberlake Cover) (zShare)

We couldn’t do a christmas calender without putting Hot Chip in there somewhere. They’re at the top of alot of year round up lists and they’re well worth it. The whole album is killer, the original “Over and over” track was the standout for us here at Discobelle and this remix is the standout of all the remixes done on this track. It’s a seven minute club banger dealing with the joy of repetition. There’s a steady bassline that drives the pulsating beat throughout the song and the mix of electro/indie disco makes this impossible to resist. It will have you out on the dancefloor in no time screaming: “like a monkey with a miniature cymbal”.

Hot Chip – Over and over (Naum Gabo remix) (YSI)

Hot Chip – Over and over (Naum gabo remix) (zShare)