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No surprise to see San Holo blowing up all over the country these days with his unique music and cutting-edge ear for innovative sounds. It’s gotta be hard to improve a song that was borderline perfect but with his remix of “The Future,” Wingtip has at least done it justice. Producers and DJs commonly say they’d like to “take their fans on a musical journey,” but all cheesy sayings aside, this song does exactly that and manages to cover a wide spectrum of human emotions throughout. Save some time at the end of your day today to enjoy this one.

This song is so freakin good. I sat here trying to think about something to write but it’s just such a joy to listen to. Louis Futon isn’t new to the spotlight and neither is Ashe or Armani White. I would have never thought they’d be able to work magic like they did for “Rewind” though. This is on some Black Eyed Peas, Pharrell level of enjoyment. You’ll love it – Stop thinking and press play.


Aug 15 2017

Following the release of his Facsimile EP earlier this year, SAKIMA has dropped his latest single “Ur Bdy”. With a new project on the way, the London-based artist-of-all-trades continues to be a champion for LGBTQ rights and perspective within the arts, refusing to let social standards affect his artistry.

Amazing vibes from Lamalo, an artist I haven’t heard much of until now. Effortless pop music with just the right touch of soul. This is “Come Over,” and the subtle acoustics hit all the right spots.

15-year old rising starlet Billie Eilish is one of the most talked-about artists in the indie pop scene right now and IMO, for good reason. Together, with her 19-year old producer brother Finneas, the siblings combine to make a style of music that is quite unique. “hostage” is the track i’ve chosen to highlight from her new don’t smile at me now EP and it’s hauntingly beautiful. I can’t wait to see her live and lucky for us, she might be coming to you sooner than you realize. More info here and you should definitely peep the whole EP.

Dulsae impressed me with this intricate remix of Axel Mansoor‘s “Wasted My Love.” The vocals are bound to make any song great but the intrinsic creative awareness Dulsae displays throughout this remix is pretty damn cutting edge.

There was no escaping Izzy Buzu’s ‘White Tiger’ come its 2016 release, let alone the plethora of remixes that followed. Female duo Cat Carpenters cuts through the noise with a fine club fix of the track, pairing a subtle house backbone with an otherwise fluid fix of vivid instrumental licks and day-to-day playability. There’s a lot to be said for multi-purpose remixes right now, an art that Cat Carpenters owns for this A-grade remix.

Soulful indie dance advocate Moods is priming his debut album for 2018, but hasn’t been shy of remixes for the Summer. Taking on WDL’s melancholic pop landmark ‘Cashmere,’ the Dutchman oozes docile beats and easy flowing melodic movements, piecing a fine balance of chill and soul ahead of his impending LP’s first single.

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