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Copenhagen experimental pop duo Blondage kicks off their European tour with the announcement of a new schizophrenic, hyperactive track “Call It Off.” Its playful, sassy vibe enhances the song’s future pop sound, with an added layer of complexity brought by the constantly shifting energy between frenetic anger and ecstasy.

Brisbane duo OKBADLANDS returns to the scene and with a new, freshly polished sound. For their latest EP Tiny Measures, the girls recruited enigmatic producer Golden Vessel. The stand out track is undeniabley “Mineral,” a smooth mesh of high energy but downtempo alternative indie pop.

LA-based ​producer and musician Cosmic Quest has ​made it onto our radar with his latest release, “Air Oasis,” a celestial collaboration with Vaughn Trace and Virginia Palms, dripping in soothing guitar riffs with handmade synths for a listening experience that feels like you’ve ascended into space.

Sevdaliza is one of my favorite artists- her spellbinding lyrics and vocals paired with unmistakable lush production fills the lack of intimacy void that has been an obvious problem in modern music. This time she returns with “Mad Woman,” a heart wrenching cluster of emotions dressed as an R&B ballad.

People often assume they assume they know the kind of person you are from a first meeting or from social media. But as Los Angeles singer and Ultra Music artist TRACE’s new song explains, those brief encounters rarely give us a look beyond the surface. “You Don’t Know Me” is a cool and smoky R&B inflected pop song about the assumptions we often make about others, and when we get that chance to get close to someone, we sometimes realize that up close, they aren’t actually someone we like at all.

Rusty Hook returns with the first single from his upcoming Romance is Dead, Good Riddance EP “Relief,” featuring Truitt. Rusty Hook’s somber basslines coincide perfectly with Truitt’s emotional lyrics, balanced out with the production’s dreamy counterparts presenting the ultimate dark pop dreamy gem.

You look like a paradise
And I cant’ seem to wrap my mind
I’m astounded
So glad that I found it