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0131 vs. Failure

May 13 2009


The italian rap/electro hooligans in Milan duo 0131 hit us up again and this time they give us a fast paced, crunked up, 8-bit sounding premix from Failure of one of their tracks that they did for fun while waiting for the official version of the track.

“…This comes straight outta Italy, where we stay jiggy, get drunk, stoopid and do some nerdy ass rap over some crunk crap rap beats…Anyway, this track was supposed to be a remix for an upcoming 0131 song but it happen to come out before the original one so fuck the record label bullshit and party.”

0131 vs. Failure – Questa Non E´Un Remix, Yo (direct link)


0131 is the name of an italian duo composed by G (also known as GQ) and Alessandro Cattelan. They’ve been gaining some attention in their homecountry and recently also abroad with their single “Sunglasses” (produced by Borut from Scuola Furano) and the remixes that followed from dj.dstar etc. The boys are gearing up to do a video remix contest competition on Qoob TV in the next few weeks and they’ll work with Congorock for a new single. We recently got Flowered Milks Flower Power remix of the “Sunglasses” track and it’s nothing hippie about up instead it’s a chugging electro track.

0131 – Sunglasses (Flowered Milks Flower Power remix) (direct link)


dj d.star (listen to his Mixin’ It Up here) hit us up with his latest remix. He flipped the new single “Sunglasses” by Italian outfit 0131 (already gaining widespread support in their homecountry) into one chopped up electrofied party banger. We have no idea what they’re actually saying in this track we heard it’s dirty, dirty but no matter what, this remix will make you bounce.

0131 – Sunglasses (dj d.star remix) (zShare)

PS. Stockholm peeps, we’re playing The Big Fashion Party tonight @ Hotell Norrtull in collaboration with Weekday/ODD and +46. Then tomorrow we head to Gothenburg to play at Billigt pÃ¥ Rosenlund with the Palms Out crew. On friday, we’ll bring Palms Out with us back to Stockholm for the Grolsch Block Party.