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Malmö based producer The Land Below lends his magic touch to the track “Someone To Save Me” by New York-based artist I AM SNOW ANGEL (AKA Julie Kathryn, who has been featured in the Huffington Post, Indie Shuffle, Magnetic Mag, Creem Magazine, Refinery 29, All Things Go etc.).
I AM SNOW ANGEL is a sound designer for Ableton, an up and coming producer, and one of the founders of Female Frequency. Later this year she’ll release her concept album “MOTHERSHIP”, which was recorded in wintery isolation in a cabin deep in the woods of upstate NY.

“Someone To Save Me” is released tomorrow Friday May 18th and it’s an exquisite piece of sweeping electronica where I Am Snow Angel’s vocals are utilized in a soothing and beautiful way.

“I love Erik’s production style. The track he originally sent me was very synth-y and 80’s inspired. I envisioned a futuristic nighttime landscape. I imagined myself in that space as I wrote. When he sent me back our mix, he had opened up the production quite a bit and the whole song suddenly felt even more emotional and honest.” – I AM SNOW ANGEL

“When I first sent the track to Julie for her to write vocals, it didn’t sound anywhere close to what it now does. Because when I heard what she had recorded, I felt I needed to rewrite the whole song and put her voice at the center of it. What came out was another song entirely, one much better, and one that puts Julie’s voice in focus. This is kind of like the remix of a track that never was.” – The Land Below


Christian Martin from The Martin Brothers & Dirtybird Records fame told us about this contest that they’ve put together with Ableton and Dancetracks Digital. Check it and get crackin:

“Ableton is once again collaborating with Dancetracks Digital to sponsor a remix competition in which participants will vie to compose the best remix of the Martin Brothers track ‘Dum’from Dirtybird’s latest release, ‘Rocket Surgery EP’. Through September 15th, contestants will upload their remixes to the competition website (http://www.dirtybirdremix.com), where the tracks will be showcased and voted on by listeners. The winner, determined by online voters and Dirtybird, will receive a grand prize digital record-release with Dirtybird. Other prizes include a pair of M-Audio BX8a Deluxe studio monitors, a Glyph Technologies professional-grade hard drive, Dancetracks Digital free download credits, and Ableton software and merchandise.”

Here is the zip-file ready to be messed with.

Dirtybird Remix Competition (zShare, zip file)