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The second single off Korallreven’s debut album, “Sa Sa Samoa” is a dreamy pop collaboration with Brooklyn based vocal experimentalist Julianna Barwick and wouldn’t sound out of place if featured on the Hans Zimmer soundtrack to “The Thin Red Line”. Korallreven’s debut album – “An Album By Korallreven” – will be released by Acephale on November 15th (November 14th in the UK).

Korallreven РSa Sa Samoa (ft Julianna Barwick) by Ac̩phale

I just stood in the rain at an intersection, gulping down free food and booze while listening to gospelcountry done up Swedish style (meaning more alcoholinfused). It was great but not as great as this perfect new blissed out mixtape “A Dream Within A Dream” that Swedish duo Korallreven did for Acéphale Records, where they – in the space of about 25 minutes – go from edits of Ciara via Velvet Underground to Oni Ayhun.

Korallreven – A Dream Within A Dream (Sendspace)

BONUS: Grab all the individuals tracks over at the Acéphale website.

Sail A Whale

Nov 11 2010

Forthcoming on Acéphale Records, a collaboration with Swedish label Sincerely Yours for a release with Sail A Whale to be released November 17th, the “Sail A Whale – A Documentation” 12″ contains 6 tracks and comes with a 42 page colour-printed chapbook and 6 videos

“The truest whale, the truest rounded mandorla, the shape of sunshine and piercing thought; firm but soft, moving with certainty through the oceans. Incarnated here, tiresias foretells of all we are too dull and unwatchful to see, the blind seer; the impious interrupter of natural rites, a holy man of double gender; through the eyes of woman, once man, four sets of eyes, all blinded but sharpened, through him we have taken all the risks of interruption. foretell how all versions repeat after one another. all suspended, all former intermediaries in flight, we simply ask – what transcendence? your voice clear on the phone, we would hallucinate that you were waiting for us, we would run toward you on the platform, we would have done everything so as not to fall.
– slwhl

For now, you can enjoy their version of the Korallreven track “The Truest Faith”.

Korallreven – The Truest Faith (Sail A Whale Version) (zip file, direct link)

Canadian label Acéphale Records happens to be one of our favorite labels and today they give us a new mixtape courtesy of fantastic Swedish duo Korallreven who recently put the finishing touches on their latest single “Honey Mine”, done in collaboration with sublime Swedish singstress Victoria Bergsman (plus it comes backed with a remix from Dan Lissvik). The single is limited edition but is available for preorder over here.

This title of this mix is very well suited for what we get, a dreamlike blissful soundscape that floats around in your head long after you finished listening to it.

Korallreven – A Dream By Korallreven (drop.io)

Tracklist after the jump.

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