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RIP Acid Girls

Dec 24 2011

Some sad news bringing 2011 to a close this year, as Acid Girls (comprised of Jamie McNeil and Gregory Bowler) have decided to bring their collaboration to a close, marking the end of over five years of amazing memories of dance music – from the hair raising, almost melancholic static drenched remix of Appaloosa’s “The Day We Fell In Love” to the twitchy electronic vocal spasms of “The Numbers Song” (accompanied by one of the most unsettling videos of 2009).

As a parting gift, Acid Girls have gifted us with a collection of 14 tracks that never saw the light of day – an album in the making that never saw the end of the tunnel, and it’s packed with hot little numbers that make the retirement announcement all the sadder.

Producers should take note of “Grayed Out” as exactly the right way to build a track up from silence into a well orchestrated rave workout, and “Palms Dumb Fun” should find a way into everyone’s sets now that it’s been released – a dirty little rising and falling number that reminds me of A-Trak’s “Shake It Down” if it grew a moustache and some more chest hair.

“Crystal’s Apartment” captures how fun it was to listen to Boys Noize’s “Oi Oi Oi” back in 2007, and “I’m Not In Love (Demo Dub)” shows a completely different side of Acid Girls’ production style, an echo lined reflective piece of music with harmonizing angelic hums blending in perfectly with succinct 808 pings.

In short – listen to it, love it, and weep for the loss of these two amazing producers.

Acid Girls – RIP Acid Girls (album via mediafire)

In It Together

May 27 2010

Human Life is a house producing electropop trio from l.A and they just wrapped up their EP “In It Together” on which they commissioned remixes from some talented producers (among them our homies in Acid Girls and the legendary Kris Menace). This digital only remix comes from Young Gunz affiliated Parisian producer Lazy Flow who goes into tribal ravey mode.

Human Life – In It Together (Lazy Flow remix) (YSI)

Human Life – In It Together (Lazy Flow remix) (drop.io)

BONUS: The video for the original.

bbm top

Two of our favorite production/dj duos, Acid Girls & Jokers Of The Scene, got together for one mighty fine mix where Jokers Of The Scene mixed the Acid Girls part and the Acid Girls boys returned the favor. They’re about to embark on a joint tour and this mix was done to promote what has the makings to be one whirlwind of a ride.

Bright Black Magick- Mixed by Jokers of the Scene and Acid Girls (Sendspace)

Tracklist + tourdates after the jump.

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Pic by Josef Hoflehner

Greg from Acid Girls passed this onto to all of us Grindin peeps yesterday, it’s not really the style we’ve grown accustomed to from Acid Girls but it’s the perfect workday mix right now. Acid Girls will be going on tour soon together with Jokers Of The Scene, they’re also heading over to Europe in January + you shouldn’t forget to check out their recently released single “The Numbers Song” (we posted it here).

Live From the Celestial Megaclub Green Room (direct link)

Tracklist after the jump.

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