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Stockholm based Ellinor Olovsdotter is Elliphant, she burst onto the scene with the track “TeKKno Scene” (that also features up and coming Swedish rapper Adam Kanyama) and now we get the dirty beat based club tune “Cian’t Hear It” that draws some comparisons to M.I.A. but with raunchier lyrics.

Adam Kanyama is the future, at the tender age of 16, Adam has already performed at the Swedish grammy awards, won the all-Scandinavian “Rap It Up” contest and starred in a 30-minute special on Swedish national television. It’s safe to say that no artist on the Swedish rap scene has been this anticipated.

“The Golden Child” is his debut single that was released just the other day, Adam goes in hard with a sick flow on this soulful tune and shows us that in no manner is he afraid of the competition.

TeKKno Scene

Mar 28 2012
elli 1

“TeKKno Scene” is a tribalistic beat laced club stomper from new Swedish singstress Elliphant that’s drenched in a repeated siren that hypnotizes the listener. She’s aided on the track by young rap wizard Adam Kanyama who is seen as the future of the Swedish hip hop scene.