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Beautiful track and video from Swedish songstress Alice Boman.

“There’s a small abandoned cabin far into the woods of southern Sweden. It seems like nobody been living there for a very long time. It’s still furnished but others have been there, tumbling around, looking for valuables. They’ve missed out. What’s left is the memories
of what i think is an older lady, a well-traveled lady. There’s a lot of old worn out suitcases in the attic and there’s a whole lot of handmade amatuer art hanging about in the cabin, from all over the world. In a shelf there’s lots of 8mm film rolls. All left for itself.

I left the cabin that time and returned a year later. More people had been there and more things were missing. So i decided to borrow some rolls of film home with me. I recorded some of the films named “U.S.A.” and watched them. Maybe for the first time in over
3 decades.

Then I took the liberty to put together a video for “Burns” by using an unknown old lady’s memories.

-Christoffer Castor, director”


Malmö based trio OLD will release their new single “Knee Hang Gang” on Monday (February 3rd) on Adrian Recordings and it’s time for us to hear the remixes.

Discobelle got the exclusive on this one from TRICKS who decides on a slo-mo approach with a trapesque beat.

PS. Check out the acid rave tinged remix from Sandra Mosh over at our friends in PSL.