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“This song is about being rejected and turned down and how that can make you question yourself and your worth, regardless of the circumstances. Especially when it happens again and again. I guess rejection is one of the things we all fear the most. But I also wanted this song to feel a bit encouraging despite the theme. A reminder to not take it to personally. All of us get hurt. And it’s ok. You’re ok.”

Slow and sultry summery vibes from Swedish artist Henric Claes, the B-side track “Good Morning” is a Lissvik remix that’s perfect for lazing about on your porch. “Wah Wah” is out now via Adrian Recordings.

“With this track I want to tell you about an underwater expedition in which we dive down to visit an unexplored beautiful city where all the people are friendly and welcoming.” – Henric Claes

“What I want to convey musically with Owl Light is a state of being, like dreaming away, stopping for a while to live in your imagination, travelling forward, letting a wave grab hold of you and floating with it.” Henric Claes

“Owl Light” (released today via Adrian Recordings) is the first taste from his solo debut EP “I Wake up with the Sun in My Eyes”.