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Andrew Ross of Toronto outfit Nacho Lovers just uploaded this amazing “Love Below” mix that was done for his new party of the same name and the mix consists of: “codeine techno + hypno house + subterranean atmosphere, music made by machines (and people) moving in slow motion”

Andrew Ross is 1/2 of housey Toronto duo Nacho Lovers, this is a mix he just did for Montreal clothing store Old Gold Boutique and it’s definetely worth your time.

“DJ/producers Andrew Ross and Scott Seewhale came together thanks to a shared obsession with early Chicago and Detroit classics, but do not get it twisted – Nacho Lovers is no tribute act. The duo tore down Jack’s House only to rebuild it brick by brick as a cramped Toronto studio with way too many records. They’ve spent the past couple years locked inside, cooking up original tracks that meld vintage acid synths with the propulsive thump of modern techno and house, all brought to life with an untamed, underage house party energy. These whiz kids know their history, but Nacho Lovers epitomize the sound of underground dance music right now.”

Old Gold Transmission #9: Andrew Ross – Winter Warm Up (direct link)

Tracklist after the jump.

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