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Meryem Aboulouafa is a Moroccan singer/songwriter that recently signed to the Animal 63 label (home to among others The Blaze). She’s also recently finished an album together with acclaimed French producers Para One and Ojard on which the emphasis is placed on her voice but not just her voice in a technical and musical sense but also her voice as a modern Moroccan woman, musician, and poet.

The sublime and breathtakingly beautiful track “Breath Of Roma” is the first taste from the album.

“Lost In The Moment” is the first single from Darius’s debut album “Utopia”, out in Decberem on Savoir Faire’s new imprint Animal63. In the tradition of Alex Braxe and Fred Falke, filters are laid down on a slow-paced boogie rhythm. Like a melancholy mantra, a looped vocal sample repeats the title and perfectly captures the essence of the album: plaintive and poignant, lead by a kind of tear-filled joy.