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Husqvarna Motorcycles teams up with us here at Discobelle along with our friends in Swedish acts Aron McFaul and franskild for two exclusive mixes to coincide with the release of the brand new Husqvarna Motorcycles street ​​​bike ​​range​.

The new street bike range consists of the SVARTPILEN- and VITPILEN models that nod to the history of this classic Swedish company and brings it into today with ​​simple​​ yet​​ progressive​​ design,​​ distinctive​​ style​​ and​​ Swedish​​ understatement​.

The two mixes from Aron McFaul and franskild each correspond with the street bike models, Arons SVARTPILEN mix was made as a “…soundtrack for driving down European roads on the motorcycle at night…” and showcases his strutting balearic discoish sound while franskilds VITPILEN mix has playful yet controlled feel or you could say a simple yet progressive organic house sound.

Gothenburg artist Aron McFaul drops his “Animal Garden School” EP on June 30th via West Coast Recordings, it contains 4 tracks of dubbed out, instrumental disco tracks that seem destined to be played in a dark, sweat drenched and smoke filled setting.

The first taste of the is the hypnotizing stomper “Family Party” that pulls off an eerie vibe with pan flute esque sounds along with a steadfast disco beat making it an immaculate track for warm summer nights.

franskild is a name you’ll most likely be hearing in a multitude of ways in the coming months and seasons since they craft superbly weird and wonderful house music. The Swedish duo based out of Copenhagen consists of master chef Love Ojensa and spaced-out architect Tim Söderström.

Their latest release will be dropped via Gothenburg/Berlin label Trunkfunk Records on June 5th, additional help comes from of Gothenburg producer Aron McFaul. He hands in a smooth and dubbed out discoish rework of the aptly titled track “Isted Grill Nights” (those familiar with Copenhagen will know all about late nights on Istedgade).

For those that happen to be in Gothenburg on Friday May 26th, check out the releaseparty at Yaki Da.

Aron McFaul burst onto the scene with the June release of his magnificent EP “From Love” on West Coast Recordings, on this exclusive mix for us here at Discobelle he continues to showcase his soundscape which is all about warm, funky and soulful vibes of balearic disco, new wave, afrobeat etc. Perfect now that the November cold has been hitting us hard, listen and be transported to the long days of warm weather.

“A couple of tracks i listen to while walking, some I play in the club when I spin records, some I havent heard in a long time but are still very important, some are stupid but cute. Some when loving, some when hating. Some I play very early, some very late and some in the middle of course. Old/new and so on.. But I like them very much and now they are all together in a mix. All Love /Aron”

The new single “From Love” is the 2nd release from Aron McFaul on newly started label West Coast Recordings.

Aron McFaul states his influences as combining elements of Manchester pop music, the blissed out balearic sounds of Studio and the dopeness of A$AP Mob and “From Love” might be one of the best tracks of the year – a sweet sounding, shimmering summer disco track that incorporates birds chirping and stand out vocals for a hypnotic feeling.

“Growing up Aron McFaul wanted to stay in the forest, be invisible in his camo and hunt with a bow & arrow. He felt misplaced in time, daydreaming about being in the wilderness far from city life and all kinds of civilisation.

These dreams about a life in the woods started to clash with something completely new when Aron saw the film ‘Beat Street’ at the age of 8.

The bow was suddenly replaced with a spray can, camo dumped for oversized denim. Seven years later the spray can was put to the aside and a bow was a mer childhood memory as it was now that Aron turned programming beats and exploring soundscapes. And it is within these soundscapes where all his dreams of wilderness clash with the an urban city life. It is where a steady beat can meet dreamy pads, where samples are manipulated into instruments and no borders or time exist.

It is here you can meet Aron McFaul.”