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Enigmatic duo, Marvin & Guy are responsible for the newest slab of black gold to bless the Young Adults imprint with their impeccable, “Dance Abilities EP”. This triple header kicks off with the aptly titled, “Dance Ability (The Journey)”, a 10 minute romp of uptempo, minimalistic psychedelia. A chunky disco beat sets the pace for extended progressions of staccato arps, glistening guitar riffs and euphoric pads of epic proportions…certainly a highlight for this outing.

Flip it over and we have “Dancity feat. Athena”, a thick-as-mud, funk-chugger with a relentless synth bass, disjointed guitar plucks and a squawking sax… top it off with Athena’s deadpan, spoken lyrics and you have the perfect soundtrack for some eastern European opium-den discotheque. Wrapping things up nicely is “Dancenergy”, a crackling dance-floor pounder that serves as the perfect middle ground between “Dance Ability’s” euphoria and “Dancity’s” sleaziness.

Highly recommend for the discerning dance music lover. BUY IT HERE.