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Brynäs is a Swedish hockey team but it’s also an electronic music duo comprised of two Swedish brothers that have relocated to Berlin, they’ve previously been members in outfits Alberta Cross and The Ghost Of Helags but Brynäs is their new side project.

The duo are in the process of finishing their debut EP and a first taste is the debut track “Trigger” which will be released on Friday, February 23rd, it’s an uplifting, exquisite piece of electronica/dance-pop that’s awash with pitter-patter beats.

Swedish/Berlin-based duo The Ghost Of Helags drop their first single of 2018, the absolutely beautiful and dreamlike pop/trance track “Anthem (we came from the stars)” was released last week. The track is an ode to the German urban sanctuary that is Berlin where a lot of artists, dropouts and ghosts came to search for their Northern star.

Welsh artist and production machine Rachel K Collier delivers an ultra modern electro-pop meets house track with the release of her new new single “Rust” (will be released on July 14th via NIF Records/AWAL).

“The title ‘Rust’ was inspired initially by my old bike! I used it as a working title at first, but instead of ditching it, I had an idea of how I could transform it into a concept that I could really relate too. Everybody goes through good times and bad times in their relationships with the person closest to them. If issues are swept under the carpet and left unsaid, resentment slowly builds and so does a dark residue between two people. Rust is about recognizing that you have to make a conscious effort and do whatever it may take to keep your relationship fresh. The lyrics then kind of wrote themselves, but I spent a good haul in the studio refining the production -producing in Ableton gives you so much creative scope, I love it, it’s easy to get lost in infinite possibilities! The track began with the metallic riff which I then harmonized with a few chords -the beat followed along with the chorus and then finally the verses. I think the song has this kind of metallic timbre, which happened very organically as it was not a conscious decision to blend the lyrical content and sound design.”