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After a seven year long hiatus, Gothenburg pop outfit Sambassadeur are back! Their fourth album “Survival” will be released on April 12th and will be the first release on their own label European Records. The second album single “Stuck” will be released tomorrow March 8th and we here at Discobelle can premiere the chilled out italo sounding remix from fellow Swedish artist Azure Blue who turns up the dance on this synthfilled jam.

“Stuck is the first song from” Survival “that we started to work on. The first version was recorded with a classic guitar, bass and drum setting, but when the song was finished it felt completely wrong and we had to start over again with synth bass, harpsichords and home-built drum machines, maybe we should have recorded the song as a ballad instead but this is how it turned out. ”

Later this spring, the band will go on tour and on May 10th they will appear on stage for the first time since 2012 at Debaser Strand in Stockholm.