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We’re only 4 days into 2013 but already we get a great deep and wintery mix from Bamboozle (1/2 of Boston duo Soul Clap) for the White Light Mixes Series.

“The selection process started for this mix while I was on my honeymoon. my wife and I got into really airy beautiful listening music and started a playlist to make a mix together. The mix never really happened, but the selection was the perfect beginning to my new year’s day mix. it’s kind of cliche at this point, but after a night of raving, who doesn’t want to go back to a homie’s house and get deep, especially after the craziness of the biggest party night of the year. lot’s of djs talk about it, but for our fam it’s a way of life and this selection is another glimpse into how we do it when we’re just hanging. This isn’t really a mix for sunny beaches, it’s a mix for a cold, snowy, cozy afterparty with your friends. Oh yeah and it’s dedicated to my wife, Bambi”

White Light Mixes #73 – Bamboozle (Soul Clap) (direct link)

Tracklist after the jump.

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