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Discobelle premiere!

In preparation of his excellent upcoming release “HUH! EP”, hard hitting Italian producer Stabber gave US label Halocyan Records this exclusive mix, the EP will be available via the label February 19th on both 12″ as well as digital formats. The EP features 2 brand new tracks by Stabber, with big remixes coming from Girl Unit, Randomer and Matthias Zimmermann. You can listen to excerpts over here.

The mix itself takes us on a wild ride of Stabber’s own tracks as well as other bass heavy goodies from producers such as Bombaman, LuckyBeard, Bambounou, Sam Tiba etc.

Tracklist after the jump.

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French label ClekClekBoom continues churning out their own weekly podcast series, which showcases showcasing underground club music and also previewing some exclusive material from the label. They’ve now reached the 30th edition and it sees the whole fam ie Bambounou, Coni, French Fries, Jean Nipon, Manere, Ministre X, Piu Piu, The Boo & The Town coming together for one almost two hour long wild ride of a podcast.


After their releases on Discobelle Records, Snatch and Made To Play – Discobelle family members in Montreal duo Prince Club pay a visit to the kingdom of Denmark for their third release in year with their new “Utopia/Olivia” EP. The EP is released by our brothers across the bridge in Copenhagen based label Demento Mori.

This solid EP is packed full of bouncey house and it boasts remixes from Copenhagen locals MHM One & Dan M, accompanied by French new player Coni, Irish mad man Lorcan Mak and Hungarian powerhouse Slap In The Bass. Support from Oliver $, Brodinski, Sound Pellegrino, Round Table Knights, Bambounou, Mad Decent, Ardalan, MunniBrotherz, LOL Boys, Wildlife!, MikiX The Cat, Sinden, Poupon, Douster, Neoteric, Meati & Meech, Andy George, Act Yo Age, Playmode, Anna Lunoe etc.

Prince Club – Utopia / Olivia EP by Demento Mori

BONUS: The boys did a smashing mix in order to promote the release.

Prince Club Demento Mori Mix Nov ‘011 by Prince Club

“Synth-seared Electropic 808 rollers from the Silverback clan, backed with deeper house and future crunk-style remixes. Much like his labelmates Nguzunguzu and Damu, Krueger’s ‘Galactica’ is about the flashy swagger sound, firing shades-in-the-club synths and manicured machine syncopation to bump with, while ‘Nou’ hits into a class fusion of electronica melodies and tribal ruffige. On a more mellow tip, Bambounou slydes with sweeter keys while Sinjin Hawke comes big and bilious with remixes of ‘Galactica’.”

Huge new release from the folks at Silverback Recordings – Get it HERE and listen to the classification-defying “Nou” in full below.

Kreuger – Nou


Young US producer Myrryrs is the latest signing to Discobelle Records and his “Feel U EP” has been in the works for a couple of months now but still has us giddy with excitement. His influences are listed as the dark, the light and the drums. That holy trinity is certainly evident in his productions.

Grab the EP now over at Juno or iTunes or Beatport.

The title track “Feel U” sees him square off light, angelic r’n’b esque vocals and disco synths against stuttering bass sounds for THE late night club hit of the darker months to come.

“C?U?M” is dark and brooding with a beat that is reminiscent of fingers snapping and a steamy trade off of eerie, pitched down telephone messages as vocals suggests late night encounters of the rated R nature.

“Without You” continues on the darker side of Myrryrs productions. Light vocals emerge from a soundscape of whizzing synths and a slow, dragged out beat that inadvertently will make your head nod and your feet move.

The title track receives three remixes from acts spread across the US and Europe, they are full of vibes – albeit they’re all different.

L.A producer Samo Sound Boy comes hot off the heels from his EPs for prominent US labels Palms Out and Trouble & Bass with a pounding tropical bass remix that incorporates a driven vibe with huge synth stabs and the added twist of urging vocals.

Paris based maestros of that new French club sound – Bambounou and Teki Latex – lays it down Eurostyle with a twisting and jerking beat. Teki brings forth a yearning side of his characteristic swag to the table for what could best be described as an all out odyssey into sweatfueled basement clubs from Atlanta to Paris all filled with a pulsating body of people losing their senses to the sleazy neonlit dimension of the French maestros.

Meanwhile, Charlotte production duo Clicks & Whistles gives us a taste of what’s to come on Discobelle Records. They’re releasing a split EP with Seattle based producer cedaa later this autumn. Their anthemic six minute remix focuses on an addictive synthline that seems to be lifted straight off an 80’s 8-bit computer game, it sinks its hooks into your brain and won’t let go.

Listen to the whole EP below and then download the bonus remix from Voltron!

Myrryrs – Feel U EP by discobelle

Not a part of the original release package but no less exceptional is this Voltron remix, which adheres to a tightly paced early-rave workout including Footsteps shuffling down a hallway, tuning forks and a breakdown that sounds like two young dolphins in love who are communicating underwater, maybe plotting some kind of anti-human mutiny. Ecstatic, weird, fun dance music for the ages.

Myrryrs – Feel U (Voltron’s “Another Love Lost” Remix) (Mediafire)