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Today marks the release of Man Recordings boss Daniel Haaksman’s compilation CD “Daniel Haaksman Presents Tecno Brega” (tecno brega is Portuguese for “cheesy techno”), the sound originates from the Amazon region and it’s basically a simple preset drum pattern combined with mid to high range synth lines being pushed to the max.

The compilation gives the listener a thorough overview of what is happening to the Tecno Brega movement in Brazil and the rest of the world at the moment. The compilation includes a wide range of the most established along with cutting edge producers and artists working within the genre such as João Brasil, Banda Uó, DJ Cremoso, Gaby Amarantos etc.

Here’s a 15 minute megamix from Daniel Haaksman which was made to present the compilation.

Also, if you’re in Berlin tonight you should check out the releaseparty with performances from Banda Uó, Waldo Squash, João Brasil and Felipe Cordeiro taking place Haus Der Kulturen Welt.

Banda UO (Davi, Mateus and Candy Mel) from the city of Goiania in the Midwest in Brazil have adopted an Amazonian style of music originally from the city of Belem called tecno brega — which loosely translates as “cheesy techno”. In 2011 the group won the Brazilian MTV Web Video of the Year award for their heavy-metal brega sample of Willow Smith’s “Whip My Hair” entitled “Shake de Amor” and are currently under supervision by fellow Brazilians in Bonde do Role who are grooming them for world domination. (Thanks to Diplo)