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Italian label Merge Layers focuses on deconstructed club music, their new compilation release “Call To Action” is released today and all the profits goes to the Black Lives Matter movement.

“Merge Layers comes out of the necessity and willingness to get people together, to go beyond the surface, being home to the mighty cultural human diversity reflected in the beloved shades of club tunes we’ve been curating and supporting 24/7. We feel touched about what’s happening, and highly aware of the complex interconnectedness surrounding racial issues, rooted in a society (everyone belongs to) that legitimates violence and oppression. But there is no room for doubts, so we would rather consider ourselves hypocritical than cynical. We are down with those fighting for their rights, despite the filter used to define them: color, religion, gender, job and any other filter deployed to endlessly discriminate while carrying on a distorted narrative that fuels separateness, whether it’s for you George today or tomorrow’s daily injustices within our communities. With extreme humbleness, making music it’s what naturally came from our guts and chest, therefore we’ve decided to join forces with all our fellows giving form to a collection of tracks supporting this message. For this reason, we’ve set up a special Bandcamp page where you can go and contribute to the #BlackLivesMatter organization (via ActBlue) by purchasing this “Call To Action” release, all the profits will be entirely destined to their activities. Our commitment to the cause has no expiration date, the page will remain live forever, so that anywhere, anytime you could spend your bucks, pennies, yen or euros, on this, as a reminder as well as a means to keep the debate rolling. Nonetheless, as mentioned previously, we don’t need to lose the focus on what the objective really is. If you feel like you could do more, both economically and socially speaking, go for it! Advocate for those who can’t, donate, educate yourself, but also the pals who just want to stay comfy in their bubbles, dig deeper, start from the small unseen insidious traps. We are not here to teach anything, we are not the ones sitting on a pedestal telling what you should or should not do, cause the truth is, that you know better than anyone else where the suffering, oppressions and unheard slaughters are…reach your inner consciousness. “Call To Action”.”

The recent death of George Floyd (AKA Big Floyd) due to police brutality has globally broadcasted the lethal outcomes of racism and state-sanctioned violence. Protesters (and journalists alike) in the US have during the last couple of days been arrested and met with hostility by both the police force and the Trump administration. To support the campaigns demanding justice for George Floyd and countless others killed by the police, please donate what you can to any of the following organizations.

We at Discobelle stand in solidarity with the black, brown, and indigenous lives that have been lost and the voices that have been silenced in the US and globally.

Sign the petition demanding that the police officers who killed George Floyd are charged:


Donate to the Minnesota Freedom Fund to assist protesters in Minnesota:


Donate to the Brooklyn Bail Fund to assist protesters in Brooklyn:


Donate to Black Lives Matter:


Donate to The Bail Project:


Donate to George Floyd Memorial Fund:


Donate to Reclaim the Block:


Donate to the #SayHerName campaign:


Donate to the Louisville Community Bail Fund to help protesters arrested demonstrating against the police killing of Breonna Taylor:


Donate to the Ahmaud Arbery memorial fund:


Donate to the Northstar Health Collective mutual aid fund:


Donate to Unicorn Riot to help provide accurate on the ground coverage:


Regularly updated list of bail funds set up to support as protests spreads across the US: