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London production duo Karenn (Blawan and Pariah) recently performed at The Boiler Room and this is what happened, they totally annihalated that room.

“After just a handful of shows, this pair came to Boiler Room to showcase what Karenn is all about. Seems like it’s all about stepping away from laptops and towards cramming a table with hardware and doing everything humanly possible to make you dance.”

Finnish duo Renaissance Man returns with their brand new “Import/Export Mixtape”, 50 minutes of excellence in the form of tracks from Renaissance Man themselves, Joe, How To Dress Well, Matthew Herbert, Jimmy Edgar, L-Vis 1990, Mickey Pearce, Dan Bodan, Blawan, Daphni and Four Tet.

That hot little two lettered recognizable label that relaunched five years ago is finally getting a chance to try their hand at the compilation game (or for the first time since 1989’s “In Order To Dance” at least) with R&S’s forthcoming IOTDXI collection.

The first half consists of some pristine dancefloor moments from the last two years – kicking off with Model 500’s “OFI” remixed by Bullion, and also including some James Blake, Lone, Blawan, and Vondelpark tracks that you’ve probably wifed up someone on the dancefloor to.

The second CD is full of unreleased material from the R&S camp, including this stony, rustling static anthem from Pariah that kind of sounds like someone’s chipping away at a stone tablet in the middle of a wheat field. It’s only at about the four minute mark that things start feeling a little hectic, rising distorted horns slowly drowning out all the other sound. Hear this on a good set of speakers ASAP.

IOTDXI is out on October 31st.

Pariah – Left Unsaid (from IOTDXI) by R & S Records

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So, this is the deal. Radiohead – one of the most iconic and creative groups of the last two decades recently released their album “The King Of Limbs” and now they put together a remix album which basically features a who’s who of modern British dance music producers.

The “TKOL RMX 1234567” double CD brings together all 19 remixes that form the band’s current 12” vinyl singles series and will be released on XL Recordings come October 10th. It showcases an absolute arsenal of desolate, post dubstep beats and dreamlike soundscapes from producers such as Caribou, Jacques Greene, Nathan Fake, Harmonic 313, Mark Pritchard, Lone, Pearson Sound, Scavenger, Four Tet, Thriller, Illum Sphere, Shed, Brokenchord, Altrice, Blawan, Modeselektor, Objekt, Jamie xx, Anastam and SBTRKT.

Who’d have thought that 2011 was the year of Brandy? Even though 1994 was more than a decade and a half ago now, there’s been a strong resurgence of samples coming from her debut track “I Wanna Be Down”.

Our recent release from Voltron employs part of the vocal hook from “I Wanna Be Down” on “Be For Real”, building up a fort of crystalised synth stabs around Brandy’s warmth.

Jacques Greene pitched up her voice and sliced together some perfectly choppy drums and shimmering distortion overtop the same sample on the title track of his “The Look” EP on LuckyMe.

Pearson Sound even turned the sample into a twinkling, syncopated ode to quasi-house minimalism on his “Down With You” revision.

But there’s something special about Blawan’s take on this track that’s just urging you to rewind it several times while yelling awesome things about it, even if you’re just ustreaming in your basement with two friends online. Maybe it’s the immediately notable is the way that it uses a notably larger chunk of the vocals than any of the other tracks using the same sample. Maybe it’s the discontent rumbling bass simmers underneath something that sounds like a rainstick being turned upside down again and again. Maybe it’s the way that it rejects popiness with warped vocals and slightly out of tune pitch, while still maintaining a housey vibe that wouldn’t sound out of place in a Renaissance Man set.

Whatever the magic is, the white label vinyl pressing has been flying off the shelf, currently sold out at Juno, Rubadub, and several other places, after some stores have even had to enforce a “one-per-customer” policy. That’s nuts. Best of luck trying to get ahold of it! I think there’s a repress coming soon.

UK label Hessle Audio will take over room three at Fabric tonight with performances from Ramadanman, Pangaea, Grindin’ member Ben UFO, Blawan and 2562. Room one sees the likes of Addison Groove, MJ Cole, Mackaveli and Cosmin TRG. Here’s a promo mix from Cosmin TRG to promote the shindig.

[soundcloud url=”http://soundcloud.com/fabric/cosmin-trg-fabriclive-promo-mix”]

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