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Singer/songwriter Salt Ashes must have a great group of producers or one producer who has a knack for creating fresh beats because her latest single “Raided” is a well crafted house masterpiece. A ferocious concoction of brooding, dance-infused instrumentation, with an unmistakably pop leaning hook, “Raided” puts Salt Ashes in the company of singers like Kate Bush and Madonna. Check it out below!


You might not have heard of Sacramento, CA based producer/songwriter/singer Roman Austin before, but one listen to his latest “Busy Love” and you know you’re going to be itching for the next release. “Busy Love” is a powerful R&B / Electronic crossover song and according to Roman, “this song is just something I feel that people can relate to. When you’re in a relationship or you’re talking to someone special, but your work is just way more important right now…you gotta get things done and you just don’t have time to cater to love.”

TR/ST – Slug

Feb 26 2015

TR/ST is my musical spirit animal – dark and moody and totally defies all genres boundaries. He just released a new single “Slug” and it’s more of what we’ve come to love from Robert Alfons ever since we wrapped our ears around “Sulk.” Stream the track below!


Synthpop rockers AIR BAG ONE has released a new party rock throw your hands in the air single “1992.” Hailing from Paris by way of Cameroon, AIR BAG ONE will be making their way stateside for SXSW so be sure to keep them on your “to watch” lists if you’re headed down to Austin for the festival.


WASKO, aka Nick Iwaskow, is an up-and-coming producer and visual artist who has recently released a new deep house single called “Songbird” featuring vocals from Montreal singer Jenna Deagle-Potter. His music can be defined as psychedelic deep house with other elements thrown in – festival-worthy to say the least.