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“This video is dedicated to survivors of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault.

It is inspired by something that I experienced over a decade ago, and like all survivors; have never forgotten. For the record, it does not involve anyone I currently know. I have been surrounded by people who love and care for me for several years, but that was not always the case. I know it is all too common for girls and women to experience violence and rape at some point in their lives.

Just a few months ago I had a moment that I felt so low thinking about this, that I didn’t feel like I could continue another day. I called a rape crisis hotline and talked for over an hour about how I couldn’t forget and how I was angry I never said anything. It is astonishing to realize someone you love and trust can do this to you and make you feel like you are human garbage. The aftermath does not last just for that moment – the feelings can last a lifetime.

I had to make something about this, to express the difficulty I had in speaking out. I contacted my friend Elizabeth Wight about doing this story to her and Mike’s music from Pale Blue and she was excited about the idea.

Art is a great way to confront memories and break the isolation. If you are a survivor, it is important to remember you have nothing to be ashamed about and find those to support you. Speak out. I thank you for watching and thank my friends for working on this and coming out to help and donating their talents. I love you.”


Swedish duo Exon Banks transforms the 50 Cent hit track “Candy Shop” into hazy, subdued electronic pop that dazzles the listener.

“‘Candy Shop’ is about asking for what you want without permission and expanding one’s perspective on femininity and gender,” they explain of the recording. “It’s about reclaiming the right to your own sexuality and transcending gender expectations. Most of all, it’s about being yourself and enjoying life.”

“Metal Boy” is the debut single from Los Angeles newcomer Charity. Taking the reigns of production herself on the song, Charity displays a penchant for analogue synths that bubble up to meet hazy vocals to create an expansive and dramatic sound.


Born and raised in Amsterdam, Cimo Fränkel is an artist with a plethora of talent. The singer/songwriter/producer has worked with Yellow Claw, Armin Van Buuren, EDX, and more, all the while honing his skills for his own original music. With reggae vibes and twists of electronic elements, “Occasional Love” is a song that highlights Cimo’s varying influences and diverse skills. Can’t wait to hear more!