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Canadian singer/songwriter/performer Melleefresh announce her new grinding, techy single “My Life (Without You)”, the single is a collaboration with Alixander III (of Azari & III) and will be released by Play Records on May 5th.

We present you with this exclusive premiere of the warm, techhouse sounding remix from Parisian prodigy producer/dj Bobmo which is set to devastate dancefloors.

Apparently LA producer (thee) Mike B, French maestro of club music Teki Latex and French multiproductive mastermind Guillaume Berg bonded over a dinner in Paris consisting of escargots and decided to form The Escargot Brothers.

Here’s a booming mix of bassy goodness they made exclusively for Dazed Digital. The mix – according to the trio – is: “Next level shit from France, Paris Bass guide for beginners, L’ami Louis de la musique” with tracks from Sam Tiba, Canblaster, French Fries, Bobmo, Strip Steve, Para One, Das Glow and Brodinski etc.

The Escargot Brothers Vol.1 (Megaupload)

Hard to believe that this April marks Noob’s first independent solo release on Popof founded label Form Music. After all, we’ve been listening to remix ‘pon remix from the French native, from the WMC touted “Dinosaurs With Guns” collaboration to remixes of everyone from Proxy to style of Eye and Tiga.

And then there was that moment in 2009 that found Noob releasing the mindworm known as “Peanuts Club” with Brodinski, a twerky “techno circus from hell” themesong that was stuck in the brains of dancefloor citizens everywhere (whether they wanted it to be or not). Oh god, and then the video…

Now the Crumble EP comes with four startlingly good original productions a Para One / Teki Latex collaboration coming straight out of the depths of vocoder hell, maybe Teki’s “Ibiza breakthrough moment” or perhaps not quite yet (but even if it’s not, it’s excellent).

Grab it on beatport, and enjoy an April mix from Noob loaded with new tracks from COSMIN TRG, Kink and Bobmo below.

Noob – April Mix For Discobelle (Mediafire)

Tracklisting after the j-j-j-jump:

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I once saw Surkin in an arcade in Japan. I’d been living there for a few months and was in an arcade in Shinsekai (the only neighborhood where you can still run into a bloodied mob member and transexual dance troupe on the same block) losing a game of Tekken 6 against some teenager who was playing as a gigantic panda. Surkin walked by past my console just as the panda kicked my character in the face, and I was temporarily stunned to see the prodigious producer doing who-knows-what in a grimy arcade far from France.

But hearing High Powered Boys’ (Surkin + Bobmo) first offering on Sound Pellegrino, Surkin’s presence in Japan makes a bit more sense – “Udon” feels like a tribute to the crowded arcades and crammed walkways of Shinsaibashi at night, packed full of turbulent noise and voices layered on percussion layered on more voices.

Julio Bashmore’s reworking is more like walking the streets of Shinjuku right at the moment at 5am when exhausted ravers are stumbling home on the train at the same time that the businessmen are going to work. Bashmore centers the beat around a sole saxaphone solo coming out of the shadows, Gerry Rafferty “Baker Street” style.

Meanwhile, “Work” and it’s accompanying Tom Trago remix are both bouncy firestarters that make devastatingly effective use of an infectious beat and crooning “oh girl” sample.

As a sad counterpoint to this amazing release, inspirational and trendsetting former Sound Pellegrino mother label Institubes has announced that it will be closing shop.

You can read more about the end of Institubes from their post here, which cites “a post-apocalyptic, terminally pauperized landscape, complete with irradiated A&R zombies and mutated eyeless bloggers” as well as a defective “post-Napster economy” as some of the reasons they’re calling it quits. Sound Pellegrino will now be operating as an independent entity, and Bobmo, Para One and Surkin just announced the birth of their new label called MARBLE, home to their (many) upcoming singles, including a new EP coming from Das Glow.

So, if you’d like to do something to ensure that the labels that shaped your influences and inspired you can survive through following years, consider grabbing the new Sound Pellegrino release here.

High Powered Boys – Udon

High Powered Boys – Rippin Off Canvas Mix (via Sound Pellegrino)

Sound Pellegrino Podcast Episode 16 (featuring Bobmo & Surkin of High Powered Boys)

(Thanks to XLR8R for Udon)

In anticipation for the new Bobmo EP “Bring It” that will be released August 31st, we get a summer holiday treat from Bobmo in the form of this splendid mix.

Bobmo – Summer Mix 2010 (Mediafire)

“A couple classics, Bobmo’s favourite tracks of the moment, and a glimpse at the immediate future for Institubes, Sound Pellegrino and our Berliner friends. Enjoy!”

Tracklist after the jump y’all.

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Douster megapost

Mar 20 2010

Douster hit up the blogs with three tracks/edits that’s guaranteed to keep you excited until his new remixes for Crookers and Yelle, Kid Sister, Bobmo, French band The Cheerz, Ghanaian rapper X-Pensive Nframa and Savage Skulls drops.

First we have a VIP version of his mega dancefloor slaying track “King Of Africa” which takes the jungle track to house territory, second we have a little take Untold’s track “Anaconda” (“shit makes you dagger like a robot!”) and lastly something for those that have been intrigued by South African internet phenomena Die Antwoord where Douster blended Windows Movie Maker and a YouTube audio rip for a bubblin’ style rework of “Enter The Ninja”

Douster – King Of Africa (VIP mix) (YSI)

Douster – King Of Africa (VIP mix) (zShare)

Untold – Anaconda (Douster Dagga robot edit) (YSI)

Untold – Anaconda (Douster Dagga robot edit) (zShare)

Die Antwoord – Enter The Ninja (Douster Butterfly Remix) (YSI)

Die Antwoord – Enter The Ninja (Douster Butterfly Remix) (zShare)