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This friday sees the premier of a new exciting clubnight in Malmö. San-One moves the club Booty and the Beat from Vega in Copenhagen to Deep in Malmö. The club gets a flying start with fellow Grinder the fabulous Boody B from Palms Out Sounds behind the decks! Also playing is Simon de la Onda, Hasan Ramic and Kungahuset is playing live.

Here is a mix done by San-one showing us what to expect on friday! Tracklist filled to the brim with B-more classics and heavy tunes.

DJ San-One – Live Mix 2009 (Sharebee)

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We first met Nic Xedro when we played in Berlin the first time and from that fun filled, sweat infusing live show of his we knew that we hadn’t heard the last of him.

His debut single “See You In The Club” dropped yesterday on Crushed Records and comes packed with some powerful remixes from label heads Purple Crush, Krames, WZRDZ, Leif and Boody B. Included in the package is the remix from two of our favorite French dj’s/producers, namely the club destroying duo known as Kazey & Bulldog who brings us their signature b-more heat that contains an evil yet infectious synthline twist + a remix from Australian newcomer Hugga Thugg who just relocated to London and he gives us an intense electroish party starter of a remix.

“There is an air of mystery that surrounds Nic Xedro that is both confusing and intoxicating. Like a hipster T-Pain with a Soho artist following akin to Basquiat, his music oozes metrosexuality with a yearning to discover his pop sensibilities. And it doesn’t stop at the recordings; his live show is like watching a circus with dancers, freaks in masks, and a silent spotlight carrying character who follows the diva as he saunters across the stage. The scene gets set, the vibe sinks in, and the audience is left thinking about one thing, sex.”

Nic Xedro – See You In The Club (Kazey & Bulldog remix) (YSI)

Nic Xedro – See You In The Club (Kazey & Bulldog remix) (Sharebee)

Nic Xedro – See You In The Club (Hugga Thugg remix) (YSI)

Nic Xedro – See You In The Club (Hugga Thugg remix) (Sharebee)

The Blänk project with a follow-up to the smashing track “Take Your Shirt Off”. The track “I’m Going For Your Brother” gives us the vocal offerings from Lina (of The Touch fame) + Atlanta rapper Young Ivy. The original is a breathtaking slice of italodisco that reminds us of Sally Shapiro while the Waa!Fi (Andreas from The Touch) remix aims straight for the dancefloor with its bassdriven stomp and Boody B (AKA Haldan from Palms Out) switches it up with more of a soft electrodisco take.

Blänk (ft. Lina & Young Ivy) – I’m Going For Your Brother (Sharebee)

Blänk (ft. Lina & Young Ivy) – I’m Going For Your Brother (Waa!Fi remix) (Sharebee)

Blänk (ft. Lina & Young Ivy) – I’m Going For Your Brother (Boody B remix) (Sharebee)


Nov 20 2008


Production duo Blänk is from way up north in Sweden (LuleÃ¥ to be more exact) and they’re inspired by “snow, reindeers, the dream of Miami and girls”. They call their brand of music “Eurotrash”.

The track “Shirt Off” features Swedish rapper Young Ivy (now transplanted to Atlanta) and it’s already been remixed by Palms Out homie Boody B, Kocky and The Touch. We give you the original version, the Boody B remix and cover done by famed Swedish indierockster Mattias Alkberg (of Bear Quartet fame) + the video.

Blänk (ft. Young Ivy) – Shirt Off (Sharebee)

Blänk (ft. Young Ivy) – Shirt Off (Boody B remix) (Sharebee)

Blänk (ft. Young Ivy) – Shirt Off (Mattias Alkberg cover) (Sharebee)