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The new Rizzla EP on Fade To Mind will floor you. It’s tough to pick a favorite out of the four tracks that are being served up for free, but “Badmind Ha” might employ the most apocalyptic use of airhorns in recent memory. Telephone ringtones, chuckling dancehall MCs sampled overtop themselves, and the familiar Masters at Work sample at the core of the Ha twisted into a snarling four minutes.

Things don’t let up at all with “Church”, with an immediately unsettling drumroll building up overtop shouted chants, building up tension until it’s almost unbearable and then figuratively skeet skeet skeeting all over the dancefloor in messy spasms of dark, ecstatic dancefloor joy.

However, it’s tough to compete with the racing, rushing percussion patterns of Psychoton, accompanied by sirenesque vocals echoing and floating wispily above the rest of the track, which sounds like a thunderstorm is slowly rolling towards a drum and bass rave in a secluded forest in Norway.

Grab the whole EP for free below, and if you’re in Los Angeles or San Francisco, be sure to catch Rizzla’s West Coast debut at those shows.

Rizzla – Fade To Mind EP