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When an artist like Frank Ocean releases music, you can 100% be sure to encounter an onslaught of remixes to follow. “White Ferrari” was a definite stand-out within the Blonde (order the album from iTunes hererelease and Russian producer Dontleaveme absolutely knocks this bootleg out of the park. It’s smooth and subtle, perfect for enjoying it on a rainy Saturday night in, just like I am at the moment. There isn’t much else to say about this but – kick back, relax, and enjoy.



London based producer and friend of the blog Ben Gomori is back with your favorite song of the summer. With releases of fantastic EPs for labels like ALiVE RECORDINGS, BMKLTSCH and Stranjjur it’s no wonder that his latest offering has gained the attention from the likes of Basement Jaxx, Todd Edwards and Horse Meat Disco. With the blessing of Jazzie B from Soul II Soul, Gomori has reworked their classic track “Back To Nostalgia” into a modern and soulful burner that easily feels at home on any dancefloor.

The tune is unsigned (for now) but is available for your listening pleasure down below.


LVNDSCAPE is a very, very new project. If you head over to his Facebook page, he’s only got four likes and zero info, which only serves to further pique our interest, especially after hearing his latest release. We received a his bootleg of Ed Sheeran and Rudimental’s “Bloodstream” in our inbox earlier this week and needless to say we’re impressed. Tropical percussion and acoustic licks blend smoothly with the original topline.