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OG Chicago Juke

Apr 16 2011

Footwork! The chopped vocal samples and high BPM dance music accompanied by some minimal tom-toms, claps, bass and kick. Somehow, it always manages to match the intensity of the dances accompanying it.-

DJ Clent, DJ Rashad, Manny & Traxman are four Chicago natives responsible for some of the most invigorating cuts from the genres of juke & footwork, and accompanying them as they storm through New York on a world tour of sorts. They’ve been generous enough to give out a blisteringly fast footwork sample pack of slapped and chopped infectious music, like, god damn, I’m sitting on the floor typing this in my apartment and my feet are involuntarily twitching like I’ve got some nervous system infection right now. Grab them below, and make sure to be there when they come to your city.

Thanks to The Fader for upping these beauties!

OG Chicago Juke by The FADER