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Montreal-based house music duo Botnek have just released their debut Plonk EP on Discobelle Records, and are currently booking their first European tour in support of these releases through the Muck Me DJ Agency. This production team- already behind an illustrious track record of remix work- has been building a strong buzz in the past year around their name and unique blend of house, afrobeat, and tropical rhythms which you can hear in this Teaser EP Video.

Already the duo have had the support of names like Crookers, Sidney Samson, Kissy Sell Out, AC Slater, Annie Mac, Congorock, Larry Tee, Malente, Mixhell, Douster, Willy Joy, Sinden, Mason, Hostage, Don Rimini, Neoteric, Tony Senghore, BeatauCue, Supabeatz, Foamo and have had several of their tracks premiere on BBC Radio 1’s feature program “In New DJs Trust”.

In celebration of their debut “Plonk” EP on Discobelle Records, we’ve got an exclusive Mixin It Up mix assembled by them, so over to Botnek:

Botnek – Mixin It Up For Discobelle Mix (Direct Link)


Our idea for this mix was to make a good collection of summer tunes, showing off a lot of the tunes we’re releasing today on the “Plonk” EP as well as some upcoming remixes and originals!

Also representing for some of the best tunes from our friends as well!

Starting things off with some moombahton, getting into some tropical house, then really kicking it up at the end with some serious techy and big room jams.


Botnek – “San Tropez”

Warming things up with a brand new exclusive tune for the mix!
We chopped up an old calypso funk track we liked and make it into a fun moombahton jam.

Lorna – “Papi Chulo”
Munchi – “Sandungueo”
Botnek – “Cairo”

Up next a throwback to an old reggaeton song our friends in BeatauCue showed us. It’s funny cos I’d never heard it, but apparently it was like a #1 hit in France. It works so well with moombahton to get the vibe going. Then we start to beef it up with some proper moombahton from the king Munchi, leading into our own take on the genre with a track from the Plonk EP – “Cairo”.

French Fries – “Laquisha (J-Wow Remix)”
Botnek – “Panama Bass”
Slap in the Bass & Botnek – “Kom Ombo”
Botnek – “Jerpa”

Starting to pick up the tempo a bit, getting into some house tempos up next. Starting with a remix for one of our favourite producers – French Fries, absolutely love his new record… proper tropical vibes!

Then we go into our track “Panama Bass”, a tune we made from stringing together pieces of a couple old cumbia tropical tracks. It’s been being going down very well in our sets lately! Then a collab we did with our friends Slap in the Bass for Malente’s label, and our own tune “Jerpa” from the Plonk EP.

Yelle – “Safari Disco Club (BeatauCue Remix)”
Dooze Jackers – “Konani (Botnek Remix)”
Botnek – “Plonk (Afroplonk Mix)”

Ohhh and then we start to seriously pick it up with maybe one of our favourite songs to play so far this year – BeatauCue’s remix of Yelle. This song has one serious drop: the kicks are massive, the lead is so in your face. It’s club music at it’s best! We follow it up with a remix we did for our Montreal homeboys Dooze Jackers. Then we drop our own remix of “Plonk”, turning the original hook from a weird techno track into a more bouncy afrobeat, more like the rest of our tunes!

Botnek – “514”
Kissy Sell Out ft. Oh Snap! – “Homesick (Botnek Remix)”
Botnek – “Owls”
Botnek – ???

This is the craziest section of the mix. Dropping all of our most insane stuff, each track almost one upping each other with more ridiculous zupes and zaps! Up first a tune called “514”, then a remix we did for one of our biggest supporters, and one of the most high energy producers I know – Mr. Kissy Sell Out.

Then we get to showing two of our favourite new tunes, one absolutely bonkers track called “Owls” (it kinda sounds like the vocal chopping is saying “owls”… but it’s really just a song about owls) and then, a secret weapon we’re working on :)

Botnek – “Kingdom”
Botnek – “Dozer”

OK, so just to reset the energy a bit, we start to tone things down a bit, and switch into some bigger room stuff. Our tune “Kingdom” with the big break, into some pretty wacky business. Then a tune called “Dozer” we gave away recently on our site to a pleasantly surprising response! Arps!

BeatauCue – “Behold (Botnek Remix)”
Botnek – “Bring the Heat”
Botnek – “Technopical”

So lately we’ve been toying with some big room, and more progressive sounds, and when BeatauCue asked us to remix their new tune “Behold” we jumped on that vibe they had started, and used it as an excuse to really try out some of these ideas. Then going into a tune we’re really proud of called “Bring the Heat”, with more of techno sound starting to come in. Following that tone with a brand new tune called “Technopical” – which will be available actually quite soon!

Botnek – “Plonk”

Winding down the set with the title track from our “Plonk” EP, one of the weirdest tracks we’ve ever made. Really happy that everyone was feeling it, and so stoked for it to finally be released!

Willy Joy – “Woman Like Me”

And closing things out with a our favourite tune to end sets with for the past couple of months – Willy Joy’s “Woman Like Me”. That break immediately sets the tone, so chill. Such a great tune, especially when it drops with that rad pitching percussion. Such a tune.


Vote Discobelle!

Apr 12 2011

Hello to all the Discobelle readers. Don’t forget to vote for us in the MTV O Music Awards.

It would be very appreciated if you would vote for us in MTV O Music Awards. We are nominated for Best Independent Music Blog. If you vote by using the Twitter option and then holla @discobelle, we will send you a little music gift in a direct message to you. It’s a previously unreleased remix of Brenmar’s track “You Make Me Say” from Botnek that’s up for grabs. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter too while you’re at it.

So please put your vote on us!

If you blog about voting for us or promote it in any other way, send me an e-mail and tell me where you posted about it and Ill send you the track too.

BOTNEK made this new “Dozer” EP as a free download to build some momentum for their forthcoming releases on Discobelle Records. This is what they had to say about it on their blog:

“So just this weekend we got a release date for our debut EP! May 9 the “Plonk” EP drops on Discobelle Records finallllly! To tide you over we’re dropping a FREE Ep right now! A few weeks ago these tunes premiered on Kissy Sell Out’s BBC Radio 1 show and we’re stoked to let you have them. Grab it up!!”


BOTNEK – Dozer (mediafire)


BOTNEK – Pop Music (mediafire)

Here is an exclusive mix from Slap In The Bass. The mix includes two of their upcoming tracks on Southern Fried Records (coming in April). They also got a new Ep coming in May on No Brainer Records which includes a collab with Botnek (who will release on Discobelle Records later this spring). Some really nice gems in there.


Bonus track:

Jona Lewie & Man Like Me – You’ll Always Find Me (Slap In The Bass remix) (mediafire)

Tracklist after the jump:
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