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Mike Mago

Dec 30 2011

We’re in the last shivering days of 2011 and one of our favorite finds this year, Amsterdam based producer/dj Mike Mago and his Boemklatsch crew just dropped a new release. It comes in the form of an EP from hard hitting pair Lazy Ants & Rob Threezy. “Chi To Rome” is a jacking and groovey house number but Mike decides to flip it with a synthbased, repetive stomper of a remix that evokes a technoish taste. Other remixes on the EP comes from Discobelle friends NT89 and Broke One.

DOWNLOAD: Lazy Ants & Rob Threezy – Chi To Rome (Mike Mago remix) (ge.tt)

BONUS: Mike’s remix of fellow Dutch producers Bart B More & Rubix, “Ari” is the music equivalent of an animalistic roar but with an added housey synth and a subbass to rattle your ribcages on the dancefloor.

DOWNLOAD: Bart B More & Rubix – Ari (Mike Mago remix) (Mediafire)

PS. Mike handed in a smashing remix for the upcoming Disco Of Doom “Shake And Bake” EP on Discobelle Records, coming in January 2012 so stay tuned.

We present you with the winners of the “Dinosaurs With Guns” remix competition that we did together with Sound Pellegrino and Institubes.

“Thanks to the hundred-and-twenty-something people who participated in that remix competition, it took us a bit of time to listen to everything while touring Australia and North America but we picked our top 5 remixes and put together a little selection of a few more cool remixes for you to dig out, complete with humble but hopefully helpful feedback courtesy of the Sound Pellegrino founding fathers Orgasmic and I + Dinosaurs with Guns OG producer Noob’s pick.

#1 – TWR72

Wins a spot on the Dinosaurs With Guns remix EP coming before the end of the summer!

Orgasmic’s opinion: really dope techno warehouse hit, we’ve been following Roger 72 for a while, I used to play his DJ DLG remix, he’s an excellent producer and I really like this new, more techy style of his.
Teki Latex’s opinion: I also remember The Walk & Roger 72 from the MySpace era. What a drastic change in style! This is awesome abrupt mountain climbing techno, it’s a great tool and an absolute weapon for DJs, this is definitely the remix I’m the most likely to play, great job!

[soundcloud url=”http://soundcloud.com/soundpellegrino/teki-latex-dinosaurs-with-guns-twr72-remix-preview”]

#2 – Art Nouveau

Wins 50€ worth of Institubes/Sound Pellegrino items from the Institubes online store!


Orgasmic’s opinion: Really cool melody, has a bit of a white knight II vibe to it, sounds like a potential summer hit.
Teki Latex’s opinion: Art Nouveau are getting better with every track and they embrace their pop side more and more, while keeping it classy and housy, this is a success! Coincidentally this remix uses a bassline melody/harmony very similar to the DOP remix of Renaissance Man’s What is Guru, which proves great minds think alike.

[soundcloud url=”http://soundcloud.com/soundpellegrino/dinosaurs-with-guns-art-nouveau-remix”]

#3 – Gloved Up


Orgasmic’s opinion: sweet baile funk horns mixed with a nice housy vibe, love the melody
Teki Latex’s opinion: awesome bouncy house stomper. I just have a problem with the simpletext voice at the beginning. We needed something with wind instruments so that Roundtable Knights could play it :)

The Gloved Up remix is also Noob’s special pick! Kudos!

[soundcloud url=”http://soundcloud.com/soundpellegrino/dinosaurs-with-guns-broke-one-remix”]

#4 – Broke One


Orgasmic’s opinion: really nice one, well produced and right in the vibe of the stuff we dig at the moment, only problem: too much synth in the breakdown
Teki Latex’s opinion: Super nice and original but gets a bit too heavy and repetitive towards the end

[soundcloud url=”http://soundcloud.com/soundpellegrino/dinosaurs-with-guns-broke-one-remix”]

#5 – Clouds


Orgasmic’s opinion: Nice groove, solid remix
Teki Latex’s opinion: efficient and tool-esque but a bit too similar to the original

[soundcloud url=”http://soundcloud.com/soundpellegrino/dinosaurs-with-guns-clouds-remix”]

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