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Swedish electronic duo CANVAS (comprised of brothers Robin and Andreas Schulz) with the visuals for their dynamic sounding new single “Wasting Time” (drops today via premier Swedish dance music label House Music With Love). The track features vocals from upcoming Swedish artist Tyra and this will be the last release by CANVAS as a duo.

“It feels so great to finally release this track. I hope you guys will like it as much as I do. This track represents the end of an era for CANVAS as you know us. Andreas decided to leave due to other priorities in life and we both thought that this is the best decision for us. There are no hard feelings at all and I will keep pushing CANVAS to new heights. I am super exited for the future and I can’t wait to see how this new track and video will be received. Love you all!” – Robin Schulz

Swedish sensation CANVAS (AKA brothers Andreas & Robin Schulz) have slowly crept up to the forefront of the Swedish electronic dance music scene with a massive array of splendid original tracks, remixes and mixes. They’re not steeped in a hard hitting electrohouse soil, instead they believe that less is more and their dreamlike house/techno/electronic pop sound immers the listener guided by soft spoken vocals, pitter patter beats and delicate synths.

This exclusive mix for us here at Discobelle starts off like a Christmas cracker of atmospheric house/technoish sounds that echoes with melancholia pulling the listener in and then deciding to have a proper dance party.

New York artist Elliot Moss provides us with a seductive soundscape of electronic pop on his debut album “Highspeeds”, “Slip” is the breakout track off the album with almost 1 million plays on Soundcloud and almost 9 million plays on Spotify, it’s been remixed by Swedish duo CANVAS that avid Discobelle readers should be well aware of.

The duo provides a slightly more uptempo house version that plays off beautifully against Elliot’s crooning vocals.

European tour dates after the jump.

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