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Parisian producer AxMod is considered one of the more exciting up-and-coming producers to come out of the French music scene in recent years. AxMod is a classically trained pianist that fell in love with electronic music as a teenager, inspired by iconic French house artists such as Cassius, Breakbot, Daft Punk, Martin Solveig, Alan Braxe and Modjo.

Back in September 2017, he released his critically acclaimed debut EP “Brooke” which was followed by the successful single “talk”

His new release “Triumphant” is a five-minute long piece of darker house with energetic drops, lush breaks, and playful synths.

NYC originators of punk/funk The Rapture will release their new album “In The Grace of Your Love” in September with production coming from Philippe Zdar (of Cassius). Luke Jenner from the band has put together a mix called “The Gospel of Luke” for the Modular Records Modcast series, it’s filled with amazing gospel jams and we guess today is the perfect day for you to enjoy this mix.

Modcast #76 – The Rapture (The Gospel of Luke) by modularpeople

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Damn Cassius, you have given us a lot of consistently good dance music over the years. And in keeping with that tradition, Ed Banger Records have been kind enough to give use a bomb of a track from “toughest artist name to spell of the year” contenders Gesaffelstein, who paint the track with some dark staccato basslines and trippy synth leads.

The package also comes with a Skream remix, titled “Skream made Zdar feel like he was 20 again remix”, which may be a jab at the age of Cassius, or maybe just a good humored drum’n’bass style throwback to early 90s rave with a funny long name.

Bowski brings in his own vocalist (Tom Cowcher) to croon the falsetto swagger of “I <3 U So” and then gives a heartbreakingly good dancefloor friendly remix.

To round it off, you may have already witnessed the production video of L-Vis 1990’s “jam sesh” featuring The Neon Dreams Regeneration, comprised of Cubic Zirconia’s Nick Hook and Tiombe Lockhart & former L-VIS 1990 “Forever You” collaborator Javeon McCarthy.

Cassius – Les Enfants (Gesaffelstein Remix) (Mediafire)


Mighty Cassius are back with a vengeance and they almost cut off their hair in the process! Cassius is one of my favourite house groups and “Cassius ’99” is such a big tune. But that was a long time ago and this EP takes their music in a new interesting direction. The a-side “Y,S,T,C” has been out for a while but we get to share this dub of the b-side. The new EP “Youth, Speed, Trouble, Cigarettes” is released tomorrow. Pick it up on iTunes when it drops!

Cassius – Almost Cut My Hair (Dub) (Sharebee)