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Jul 30 2009


Think 2wice Records are continuing their streak of releasing bumping EPs. The latest one is the “Control” EP from Phosho which is a new electro/juke focused side project of grime producer Salva. For this release he pairs up with fellow San Francisco MC, Cerebral Vortex who happens to be 1/2 of 215:TFK. We have a remix from label head Tactic of the title track and he gives it a afro-centric percussion to keep things moving while a pulsing, garage subbass guarantees that the dancefloor will light up.

Phosho – Control (Tactic remix) (YSI)

Phosho – Control (Tactic remix) (Sharebee)

PS. We’re playing at Made here in Malmö tonight (friday 31/7). Hope to see all you local and loyal friends come out!


aftershockRobot Koch (Jahcoozi & Tape vs RQM) and Cerebral Vortex released the EP “Aftershocks” a couple of days ago and are now hosting the releaseparty this weekend at Villa in Berlin. Here is the remix of “Aftershocks” from UK producer Stagga.

Robot Koch and Cerebral Vortex – Aftershocks (Stagga Remix) (YSI)

Robot Koch and Cerebral Vortex – Aftershocks (Stagga Remix) (Sharebee)


Major Lazer – Hold The Line (Robot Koch remix) (Soundcloud link with download)

Flyer for the party after jump:

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Ewing vs Bird

Jun 3 2008


Cerebral Vortex from rap duo 215:The Freshest Kidz dropped us a line last week with his latest effort. It’s a remix done up by the one and only Bird Peterson of the track “Patrick Ewing” that pops up on the latest 215:TFK record “Cafe De Phresh”. The album was made in collaboration with hyped up Glaswegian producer Rustie.

Cerebral Vortex – Patrick Ewing (Bird Peterson Remix) (YSI)

Cerebral Vortex – Patrick Ewing (Bird Peterson Remix) (zShare)


Chicago – 25 Or 6 To 4 (Bird Peterson Hot Remix) (zShare)

Fluo EP

Mar 15 2008


We got this track from Cerebral Vortex, a rapper that together with Buddy Leezle forms the duo known as 215:The Freshest Kidz. Today at SXSW sees the street release of his solo “Fluo EP” (official release is next week) that features production work from a bunch of hyped up producers such as Bird Peterson, Krames, White Girl Lust and Rustie. We received “Deep Fried Nicer”, on which Cerebral Vortexs rapping fits really well with the sinister and dark soundscape provided by the much blogged about Glasgowian dubstep/electronic producer Rustie.

Rustie vs. Vortex – Deep Fried Nicer (YSI)

Rustie vs. Vortex – Deep Fried Nicer (zShare)