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This week’s Discobelle mix is from Denver house producer option4 aka Brennen Bryarly. Brennen’s only been in the producing game for a year but his resume is already pretty impressive, boasting remixes by Bit Funk and support from the likes of THUMP and it’s no surprise why. Brennen has a unique ability for creating sonically textured house music that’s been noticed by Nurvous Records and us here at Discobelle. Check out his mix for us below, which includes two of his latest original mixes.

1) The Phantom – When I Found Out (Chaos in the CBD Remix)
2) Stimming – Window Shopping (Original Mix)
3) Bloc Party – Montreal (Ejeca Remix)
4) LKiD – Summer Haze (Original Mix)
5) Marlon Hoffstadt, Steve Bone – Girl (Original Mix)
6) HVOB – Jack (Nicone & Sascha Braemer Remix)
7) Amine Edge, Dance – They Call Me Jack (Chicks Luv Us & Medeew Remix)
8) Motez – Call My Name (Kry Wolf Remix)
9) option4 – Street Love (Original Mix)
10) Waze & Odyssey – Coz I Do (Urulu Remix)
11) Motez – Ride Roof Back (Club Edit)
12) Billy Kenny – Don’t Stop (Original Mix)
13) option4 – Deep Diamonds (Original Mix)
14) James Curd – Before The Sun Sets (Original Mix)

New Zealand duo Chaos In The CBD did this fine track for Tiger Beer.

“Ben and I both grew up in Devonport, Auckland. We grew up with a great group of friends ‘The Dusty Bunch Krew’ AKA 816 (named after a local bus route). This song is an ode to those friends and the place we grew up. Dusty love represents the loyalty and generosity expressed between our mates. Dusty love is like sharing the last bite of your cheeseburger, the last puffs of your smoke or the last sips of your beer.”

After more than a year waiting for him, Manaré is back. A new EP full of a mature reflexion tied in a package of three originals & two remixes (Marble Players & Chaos In The CBD) overlapping, intertwined asking and answering each other in a nearly sexual cohesion. An EP as heavy as an anchor composed of tracks lighter than a feather, a bubble, a pearl.

Aerial and thoughtful, Manaré is playing with rhythm & codes that makes up contemporary house across Pearl. A journey on a soft cloud flared by that dance music energy, aiming directly your feet, passing through your heart.
Deeper, Paprika is a little more progressive, almost stellar, putting you right in the middle of a sun shower, wet, warm & spicy. Darker, Silk is almost techno. Quick and incisive, the synth flays acid, giving the track an obvious leverage coated with big & round subs.

No need to introduce Marble Players anymore (aka Para One, Surkin & Bobmo). Every inch of there remix smells like a part of these 3 incredible musical personality. Faithful to the original, they made the track jack in a really Marble swag. A summer hit that’ll warm your winter under the heat of the neons.

Chaos in the CBD, last recruit of the Youngunz stable, translate Pearl in their own style. Synthesis of the today electronic music, they made the track romantic, almost poetic, keeping the original purpose upfront : Make people dance !

In every way a worthy, if not far superior successor to last year’s “Speakeasy EP”, this is really loaded with some futurist funk. View a teaser video of the EP below, and download Chaos In The CBD’s great revision for free below!

Manar̩ РPearl EP Video Teaser (Vimeo)

Manar̩ РPearl (Chaos In The CBD Remix) (Mediafire)


OMG Truants, you just took things up a notch. Today is a day for the kind of confetti throwing, party hat wearing, setting off fireworks kind of celebration that only the release of a new, free compilation of amazing music by the hardworking folks at Truants Blog can bring about.

Truancy Compilation One is comprised of fourteen tracks from artists who influential artists spanning every genre imaginable, with sounds oscillating between summertime snyth party and acid tinged mini-house. Featuring mind altering tunes from NGUZUNGUZU, Teeth, Femme En Fourrure, Grown Folk, LOL Boys, Teki Latex, Mele, Brenmar, Glass Actor, Square Mode and many more, it’s the most abundant gift that the internet has revealed to us in quite a while.

Whether the bleepy chanting “jewelery, chrome and stones” chorus of Grown Folk’s “Steady Moving” is your thing, or the tweaked tribute to micro scenes that Teki Latex choruses over tambourines and summery handclaps, there’s something in this package for everybody. NGUZUNGUZU also weaves an effortlessly trippy jam that’s sure to be stuck on repeat, while Teeth packs a ton of bongos and grime into just five minutes.

Truancy Compilation One (via Truants Blog)

While this compilation is free, Truants also mention that if you’d like to make a donation, all proceeds will be forwarded to the Libya & Region Appeal and will be transferred on April 30th and May 31th.

Tracklist for the gigantic compilation after the jump. Long live Truancy!

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Malente’s label No Brainer Records has been putting out a steady stream of quality dance music releases lately, and their latest presentation from prodigious young Australian producer Swick doesn’t disappoint.

We’re happy to offer a healthy sounding remix from the “Jogalani” EP from New Zealand kewl kids Mayavanya that sounds like it’s making a messy brocolli puree of the original. Do the right thing show some support for this release on Beatport, which comes armed with remixes from Douster, Them Jeans, Vhyce and Chaos in the CBD.

Swick – Brocolli (MayaVanya Remix) (direct link)

With You

Nov 12 2010

New Zealand duo Chaos In The CBD teamed up with Parisian wiz kid French Fries for the excellent track “With You”, it’s part of the track giveaways that YoungGunz are doing as part of their one year anniversary where the release a new track everyday on their Soundcloud and the upcoming release of their first compilation album (a track from each artist on the label). They’ll also be throwing two parties at Social Club in Paris, first one is this saturday November 13th and the second will be held on November 17th.

This track is similar to crack and has us hooked with our finger on repeat.

French Fries & Chaos In The CBD – With You (Original Mix) by Chaos In The CBD