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Sinden has been with Discobelle from the start, the UK producer relocated to Los Angeles a couple of years ago where he’s been pouring out a steady stream of dope tracks.

His latest effort is the “Thick As Thieves (Part 1)” EP which drops on Australian label Sweat it Out on Monday August 24th, the first taste off the EP is a collaboration with Dirtybird member Christian Martin for the track “Ready”, a tracks ticks all the right boxes with a driven technoish sound: a bit of wobbly bass check, addictive vocal sample check, club ready monster check.

Future Perfect

Mar 23 2012

Parisian tag team Teki Latex and DJ Orgasmic are the masterminds of and run the current dance music scene with their label Sound Pellegrino and its innovative releases, they also form the dj outfit Sound Pellegrino Thermal Team who are currently tearing it up in the US.

Check them out at the grand Future Perfect party at the Electric Pickle in Miami tomorrow night March 24th where they’ll be playing together with an all-star line-up consisting of Brenmar, Christian Martin, Curses (Drop The Lime), Destructo, DJ Dodger Stadium, Dubbel Dutch, Harvard Bass, Hot Mouth, Jokers of the Scene, Kastle, Lazer Sword, Myd, Nguzunguzu, Salva, Sam Tiba, Sound Pellegrino Thermal Team, Sinden, Surkin, Todd Edwards, Yolanda Be Cool & Worthy.

To get you hyped, here’s a mix they did for their appearance at Fabric last month.

Sound Pellegrino Thermal Team – FABRICLIVE x MODA Mix (direct link)

Tracklist after the jump.

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All the way from Japan, we give you a Mixin’ It Up from the great DJ P.O.L Style who fires off a beast of a mix.

“Originally from Glasgow, I’ve been living out in Tokyo for the last 7 years where I run Numbers Tokyo and a new monthly night called Laguna Bass with my friends. This year I took some time-out from producing, to concentrate more on mixing and developing my own style as a DJ – The P.O.L.Style….LOL!!! I’m looking forward to getting back on the grind as far as production is concerned in 2011 though. Last year I started a booking agency here in Japan called Clear, setting up mini-tours and helping artists rolling through the city find gigs. Holler if you’re ever in the Tokyo area or come by one of my shows in NYC / Philly later this month!!”

For this mix, I started by picking out a bunch of tunes I’m feelin’ just now + a bunch of tunes from various genres / times in my life that I thought would work. After that, it was all about the blenderzz – looping up parts in Serato and making sure that each transition was tonally correct and added a new dimension to both tunes in the mix. For me, the best mixes are the ones that leave such a strong impression, that whenever I hear one of the tunes played somewhere else, I’m surprised to realize that certain parts weren’t in the track originally and it was just all part of the blend. Hopefully this mix will leave that sort of impression on someone, somewhere.”

DJ Schedule:

12/15 – 10% Disco @ ELEVEN, Tokyo
12/16 – Raw Luv @ LUV, Seoul

12/22 – P.O.L. B2B Nargiz – Blam City @ Medusa Lounge, Philly
12/26 – P.O.L. B2B Nargiz – Rad Summer @ The M Room, Philly
12/27 – Mad Decent Mondays @ Fluid, Philly
12/28 – Rando @ Gallery Bar, NYC
12/29 – Player’s Club @ Pianos, NYC
12/30 – Math + Science Show on 89.1FM WNYU

DJ P.O.L Style – Discobelle Mix, December 2010 (ge.tt)

1. Cooly G – Up in My Head

I love the intro to this tune, but it’s one of those fade in ones so I never usually get to play it cuz it’s difficult to play in the club. That’s why I decided to use it as the first track on the mix. The bassdrums in this tune are sick!

2. Roska & Untold – Long Range

One of my favorite releases on Numbers this year. I’ve been a big fan of Roska & Untold for a while, so I was really excited when I heard about the collab. The organ stabs and sax riff on this tune really do it and it sounds cool when the bassdrums from ‘Grab Somebody’ start kicking in.

3. Ramadanman – Grab Somebody

What can I say? Ramadanman – Killin it!!!

4. Braiden – The Alps

If you went to Carnival in hell, this is what it would sound like. I’ve been rinsing this tune in almost every one of my sets since before the summer. . Shouts to Braiden for one of my favorite tracks this year!!

5. Breach – Fatherless

Massive tune! Love the percussion and the flute sample. Who would have thought the word ‘fatherless’ could become such a catchy hook!?

6. A Made Up Sound – Alarm

I first heard this tune back on the Night Slugs Mishka mix before I knew anything about A Made Up Sound. I love the way the way the rave stab in this tune sounds detuned and the way the song builds up.

7. Altered Natives – The Bitch

I’m a sucker for square waves, Altered Natives and bitches. So this one works well for me.

8. BD1982 – Trails (Jam City Remix)

One of my favorite tunes by fellow Tokyoite, co-worker, Laguna Bass resident and major dude, BD1982. Jam City completely smashed it with his remix.

9. Untold – Come Follow Me

Some dark vibes going on in this tune and it’s a bit of a down beat number. It’s like the quiet before the storm, in terms of this mix.

10. Christian Martin – Ghosts (L-Vis 1990 Remix)

This is the “I’m goin in!” part of the mix. I remember playing this tune at 7am at an after-party in Tokyo. Everyone was either fucked up, sleepy or acting super shifty, and this tune just summed up the vibes in the room perfectly. I can ‘t get enough of that “Woooooo” ghost noise, and the bassdrum fill is hard as…..

11. Boddika – Boddika’s House

I got this EP the day I made this mix cuz I wanted to include the “Syn Chron” tune, but when I heard Boddika’s House I was like “Oooohshiiiiiet!!!” and this tune just seemed to work better in the mix.

12. Zoo Brazil – Rock The House (Rework)

This tune mixes perfectly with ‘Boddika’s House’. It’s like the two were made to be played together. I love it when that happens.

13. Canblaster – Jetpack

The best thing about this tune is that all types of people get into it and you can mix it with all different types of shit. It’s a pretty epic tune imo.

14. Spark – Revolving (Ramadanman Rework)

The bassdrum pattern in this tune goes hard, but I always try to mix it out before the emo breakdown.

15. DJ Assault – Vandalism

DJ Assault has always been one of my favorites. This tune demonstrates that DJ Assault has a deep side too, and any tune with breaking glass samples is usually a winner in my book.

16. KW Griff – Invitation

Last month I finally managed to get this track at a decent bit-rate (Big ups KW Griff!!) and I’ve been playing it constantly ever since. This tune always puts me in a good mood.

17. SBTRKT – 20/20

A bit of a break from the bangers. Again, this is something I would probably never play in the club, so I’m glad I managed to work it into a mix.

18. Slackk – Theme From Slackk (Dub)

I freakin love this tune. I’ve heard it being described as ‘obnoxious’. It’s definitely relentless and can be a little tricky to mix out of, but I was super happy with the way this Slackk X Dopplereffekt blend came out.

19. Dopplereffekt – Superior Race

This is the first record I ever bought from Rub A Dub in Glasgow and pretty much the record that got me into most of the stuff I listen to now. Shouts to Marty from Rub A Dub for the recommend all those years ago!

20. Roulet – Kitamanda (Girl Unit Remix)

The original of this tune is a lil bit fidgety for my tastes, but Girl Unit did a sick job on the remix. I love the way this version’s got grime, funky and fidget influences with the trademark Girl Unit syncopated drums. The start of MDMA looped up sounds so good over it too.

21. Redlight – MDMA

One of the best uses of the side-chain that i’ve heard in a long time. There needs to be more tunes like this…..and Woo Riddim!!

22. Aaliyah – R U That Somebody (Brenmar Remix)

I’ve been using this tune a lot lately as a tool to transition from 140bpm bass ish into some 70bpm R’n’B stuff. I love the original of this tune but don’t get much chance to play it out, so I’m lovin this flip.

23. Mr De – Whonleone

I love it when an artist who is known for doing one type of music comes out with some shit on a completely different level. This is one of those tunes. It sounds dope in the mix with Brenmar’s toms over it.

24. K.P. & Envyi – Shawty Swing My Way (Edit)

This tune is a staple in my sets. It always kills it in the club and is a good tune to totally switch the atmosphere of the set.

25. R. Kelly – Ignition Remix (Edit)

R. Kelly’s the man! I know every line of this tune off by heart. So happy I finally managed to work it into one of my mixes.

26. Girl Unit – Wut

This is one of my favorite EPs from 2010 and it was difficult to decide which tune to use for the mix, but it just worked so well with the Do or Die tune that I had to use this WUT. Girl Unit = Badman.

27. Do or Die – Playa Like you and Me (Edit)

Everyone knows Bone Thugs, but I feel like people slept on Do or Die. Maybe that’s just cuz I’m from Glasgow though, where back in the 90s barber quartet style R’n’B wasn’t that popular. Random trivia – DJ Funk used to be in Do or Die.

28. Patra – Romantic Call (DJ Deller Remix)

Classic garage number! The pads on this tune over the Do Or Die edit are dope too.

The fine Swiss gentlemen in Round Table Knights put together another edition of their seasonal mix series, their Autumn mix is absolutely splendid and as you probably already well aware of when it comes to this duo – filled with an exquisite track selection and as always flawlessly executed.

Round Table Knights – Autumn Mix 2010 (drop.io)

PS. Round Table Knights – will together with heavy hitters Zombie Disco Squad, Solo, Christian Martin and Midland – be headlining the You Can Call Me Pelski party in London on Saturday November 6th that’s presented together with booking agency-of-the-moment Jackmode in order to bring you a very special line-up. The event is held in a temporary venue under London Bridge as part of Counter Culture and the line-up reads like a who’s who of fun, funky and tribal-infused tech-house, showcasing artists hailing from some of the most influential labels in the game: Made To Play, Jackmode, Dirtybird, Turbo and Deadfish.

Tracklist for the mix and flyer for the party after the jump.

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Today sees the arrival of Niklas over in Miami for WMC, he’ll be holding it down for Discobelle since British Airways managed to screw up my trip. In order for him and everybody else to get in the Miami spirit, here’s an exclusive and devastatingly awesome mix from Christian Martin who’ll be playing the Blue Collar party tonight and then getting the hell out of Dodge, hence the title of this mix: “23 Hours In Miami”.

Christian Martin – 23 Hours In Miami (March 2010) Mix (Sendspace)

Tracklist after the jump.

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Week 2 – San Francisco – Friday – Mezzanine

Track of the Night –

It’s hard to pick a track of the night when the crowd was so incredibly up for it on almost every track. But this one had that extra little inch of airtime of feet off the floor. When the break hit ALL hands were in the air. It’s one from our Dirtybird 5 year birthday compilation out this March.

SF track of the night

Silky King, Tala & Zoi – dirtybird (mp3 clip, direct link)

San Francisco Overview –
I only played one gig this weekend because it was a special weekend where I debuted the album at home in San Francisco. This is where i live. The city that influenced the music. I adore San Francisco with all my heart. So needless to say I was a bundle of nerves going into this party. Not because of what i would play but because i wanted to see if my home town would come out and support. And of course they did. Everyone came together. Big creds to Boz, our label manager who really turned the screws on this event – and Luke, our office assistant who hammered the internet as well. Thanks as well to Dax, Emma, Andrew, Mareissa, etc. So many people helped I can’t possibly list them all but when i saw over 500 people dancing before it was even 11pm I knew we were golden!

Let’s begin with the tequila. My wife’s friend Jen called me up the week before and told me she was working on marketing a new brand of Tequila. She asked me, “Do you need tequila for anything??” Ummm, yes please? So she sent us 3 huge cases for free and we staged a free tequila bar for an hour from 9-10! Tequila is a particularly frisky, sexual liquor. Perfect for dirtybird. A nice wild liquor to prep a huge wild crowd.

Christian Martin went on and had 500 dancing by 11pm. A new Dirtybird attendance record for sure. He played a crazy mix of dubstep and house, featuring some new tracks he did and also some by his brother Justin. I was going to play a clip of his new track Polar Bear but he wanted me to play his new remix of Monster Island which in my opinion sounds like Matthew Dear and Ectomorph met up with a Cali breaks crew. Sweet. Thanks to Chris for opening up. That’s one cool thing about the db crew. Everyone takes turns and has no problem supporting their friends. On rotation I open the party two or three times a year as well. It’s all in the family here in SF.

Monster Island (Christian Martin Remix) – C VonStroke – dirtybird (mp3 clip, direct link)

By 11, everyone was ready for Solar. We don’t usually have guys from outside dirtybird play our events but Solar is probably my favorite DJ in the city and i wanted someone who could build the room and not play every dirtybird track in my bag. Solar is from a crew called Sunset who were doing parties before we even had a label. Their crew still puts our park parties to shame and is the reason we even do park parties. Solar and Galen and J Bird and all those guys are the real SF party visionaries we looked up to when we were starting dirtybird. Anyway, Solar came on and really smashed it for 2 hours straight. He showed us why he has been one of the best DJs in San Francisco and the USA for many many years. He played the perfect lead in set of weird trippy tech house. Not too big, not to small, just solid solid oddball party music. It was a real treat to have him on the line-up. I wish i could post a clip but thanks to Solar’s genius I have no idea what any of the tracks he played were called!


By the time i went on the room was mayhem. There were 1000 people heaving inside Mezzanine. I was loving it. Half way through my set I dropped this gem from Heinrichs and Hirtenfeller which really made an impression.

Heinrichs & Hirtenfeller – Down – Dekadent Schallplatten (mp3 clip, direct link)

There was a dood so fucked up in the front that he was crashing into the Dj setup. His girlfriend kept dragging him back out on to the dance-floor. I watched him flop about all over the place. The best part was that even though he was way past being able to function he was still trying to dance. It was kind of like watching the guy in Monty Python who gets all his limbs chopped off and keeps trying to fight saying “it’s merely a flesh wound!.” Funny.


After about 2 hours of hands in the air madness I dropped a drum n bass track and switched it up to some big nasty techno shit. The sound was really proper and I was really enjoying myself in there. During this whole thing Luke gave out about 500 cd albums as a gifts to the people. Overall, It was one of the best Dirtybird nights ever for sure. Thanks so much to all the people from SF who came out!!! I love you all.



Places to find cool shit on Haight St. – I have lived in SF for 12 years and actually on Haight St. for 5. There are a million shop on the Haight, some trying to be cool and some legit. There is something for everyone but here’s where i shop.

  1. Upper Playground which is technically on Fillmore but is like 3 doors off Haight. A staple of my wardrobe for the last 12 years. Local artists like Sam Flores and Jeremy Fish have made it big off the back of this T-shirt store. At one point in my career when i was working on film and i didn’t have any free time i was just buying t-shirts here instead of doing laundry.
  2. Amoeba – Is this the last place on earth that feels as big as Best Buy but only sells music? including vinyl records, rare genres, used cds, collectors items, etc. This is the best music store in the USA and probably the world. It is a criminal offense to visit SF and not go here. Only gripe is that you can’t listen to vinyl before u buy it.
  3. TRUE – As opposed to the way over-priced and “trendy” Villains shop on Haight (which is still worth a visit if you are rail skinny and like French house music) – for me the best shop on Upper Haight is True. They always play great mixtapes and have the big boy XXL sizes in the best brands. A nice T-shirt collection as well.
  4. Ali Baba’s Cavern – People get really crazy about their favorite places to eat on the Haight. Some people would demand that the sausage place Rosamundi’s be in this spot or the breakfast joint, Pork Store – or even Citrus Club, the Tai Soup shop. But in my opinion there isn’t a better sandwich on Haight than Chicken Schwarma sandwich from Ali Babas. That shit is niiiice!
  5. FTC – I don’t even skate anymore but i do know that this is the shop to go if you do skate. Rumored to be an anagram for “Fuck The Cops” this tiny shop has made a real name for itself across the country. I took my nephew in here one day to get a new deck and they didn’t give us an attitude – quite the opposite. Love the old collector’s decks up on the wall as well.
  6. Kid Robot – The Always fascinating Japanese toy shop. Whether you buy something or not you need to stop in. Justin Martin wears Kid Robot Pajamas FYI. It’s not higher on the list because it has multiple locations. (not just SF)
  7. Trimmers – totally ridiculous and non-deserving that this makes the list but I’ve been getting my hair cut here for 5 years and the guy who works here runs the Haight St. Fair – so he’s for real.