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The boys from Claire Hux (Symbol – Vox & Steps, DLake – Beats & Rhymes and DJ Morsy – 1’s & 2’s ) is on a crusade with beats and lyrics sharpened ready to get rowdy! Check the new mix out filled with partycuts and jams and check them out live at Santos in NYC on June 6th.

Claire Hux – Black Is the New Wet (direct link)

Bonus track:

Claire Hux – Down on the Floor (Thrills & Tony Rocky Horror Remix) (Sharebee)

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Meet Claire Hux!

Nov 26 2008


Wow, i’ve slept on this one, was supposed to post it last week when I got caught up but I won’t keep this one for myself any longer.

The “party in a box” Baltimore/NYC super group Claire Hux (consisting of Symbol, DLake, & DJ Morsy) is showing off their skills in a new tape mixed by the mighty Scottie B. Claire Hux is an old school crew, two mc’s and one dj, with a definite up to date mix of Baltimore Club, 80s Retro, Hip Hop, and Pop. They alredy rocked parties all over the States but are now refueling with new tracks and with this mix, you can be sure they’re gonna keep the flag up high for next year hopefully reaching the shores of Europe.

“Baby Powder, Bike Hats, Blue Magic Grease, and Booty Shaking Music. They are bringing back well produced beats, melodic lyrics, and a crazy live show with choreographed dancing. Claire Hux always keeps the ladies dancing!”

Claire Hux – Jammin on the One Mixtape
(direct link, zip file)


Claire Hux – Bust U n Da I (prod. Savage, mixtape edit) (direct link)

Claire Hux – Down On The Floor (direct link)

Claire Hux

Oct 30 2008


Our buddy DLake (previously mentioned here) just e-mailed us some new stuff.

Texan producer/dj Bird Peterson did this bouncy remix of the track “Holy Ghost In The Club” from DLakes live group Claire Hux (they just signed to Unruly Records). They call themselves a party rap group with a live show more resembling some of those early 90’s groups such as Bel Biv Divoe, Kid n Play, Fresh Prince of Bel Air but with more syncopated dances and goofy lyrics.

Claire Hux also have a brand new mixtape coming out in a few weeks, mixed by the one and only Scottie B.

Claire Hux – Holy Ghost In The Club (Bird Peterson Remix) (YSI)

Claire Hux – Holy Ghost In The Club (Bird Peterson Remix) (Sharebee)